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(10/11/16 11:28pm)

Penn's chapter of the V-Day Campaign hopes to join other colleges across the country in being more inclusive of non-cisgender women in this year's production.

(04/26/16 2:53am)

Despite the support for Penn LGBTQ students, LGBTQ faculty members do not receive the same level of support from the University.

(04/11/16 4:37am)

Over one hundred LGBTQ youth and allies from across Pennsylvania convened at the University for the three-day Pennsylvania Youth Action Conference.

(02/01/16 12:36am)

This past fall semester, Penn’s Seneca International chapter created the initiative Seneca Safe Spaces in order to provide an opportunity for free dialogue among women of color on campus.

(11/11/15 2:25am)

As part of Penn's next academic year theme, the "Year of the Media," incoming freshmen will be instructed to watch the film 'Citizen Kane' for the Penn Reading Project.