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Shawn Srolovitz | Creating conversations on inclusive classrooms

(04/13/17 12:39am)

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on inclusive teaching hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning — the group on campus charged with helping Penn instructors with their teaching and generally improving the quality of education at Penn. This event brought together faculty, staff and students devoted to the idea of fostering inclusive learning environments for all students at Penn.

Shawn Srolovitz | Reframing the campus leadership conversation

(03/28/17 2:15am)

Last week, my friend sent me a New York Times article about the value high school students place on leadership. Because of the perceived focus on traditional leadership in college admissions, students prioritize leadership in the vein of “political or business power” — defining leaders based on their authority and dominance. As students conform to the types of traditional corporate leadership that colleges seem to favor, we forget about other ways to be a leader, such as making advances in a specific field or being tremendously talented at a certain skill.

Shawn Srolovitz | Why we need to talk about rejection

(02/28/17 3:01am)

I have failed in college. A lot. I’ve been rejected from more clubs than I can remember. I’ve been turned down from countless jobs. The phrase “We regret to inform you that we cannot offer you a position at this time” has become so commonplace that I don’t even feel anything anymore when I see it in my inbox. Yes, I do understand that you interviewed an unprecedented number of qualified applicants. Yes, I get that other people are more qualified and fit your needs better than I do.

Shawn Srolovitz | Be an active participant in your education

(01/17/17 3:15am)

Tuition at the University of Pennsylvania for the 2016-2017 academic year is $45,556. If you assume a course load of 4.0 course units, you’re spending more than $100 per hour of class time. During your time at Penn, you’re sitting in a classroom for over 1,500 hours, and you are interacting with a minimum of 30 different professors, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. The education you’re receiving at Penn is in many ways the basis of the rest of your life and the basis of your career.