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Report: 3 Residents Show Up to Free Diamond-Cutting Event Advertised in Rodin Listserv

(05/26/18 4:58pm)

As a study break during finals week, Rodin College House recently hosted a diamond-cutting workshop in its Rooftop Lounge. The event, held on the evening of the last day of classes, was free of charge to any Rodin resident and allowed each participant to walk away with a small but precious cut diamond. 

5 Signs Your CIS Partner Is Collaborating With Someone Else

(04/02/18 11:04am)

Ever since collaboration was legalized in many CIS courses, students are freer than ever before to discuss ideas, share solutions, and dismantle each other's shoddy proofs. Most have appreciated this new era of intellectual liberation, but for some students, it has created increased pressure to settle down with a nice collaboration group and pop out some assignments. If you're feeling insecure about whether your previous partner will help you on the next homework, here are some warning signs that your collaborator is seeing someone else:

'I'm Very Disappointed by the Midterm Scores,' Says Professor With 0.82 Instructor Rating

(03/02/18 11:07am)

Professor J. Scott Walden, who teaches CIS 239, was appalled when he saw his current class’s performance on the first midterm. Although Walden has consistently received an instructor quality rating between 0.7 and 0.9 out of 4.0 for the past nine semesters, it is the first time he has seen his negligence in teaching truly affect his students.

Four Ways to Tell Your Roommates You Would Hate Nothing More Than to Live With Them Next Year

(02/03/18 10:30pm)

Roommate selection period is coming up within a couple weeks, and you and your roommates have an unspoken agreement that all of you will live together again next year. You, however, have been making other arrangements and haven't informed your roommates that you absolutely hate living with them and would rather drop out than live with them again. Here are four ways to break the news.

Penn Swim Team Moves Practice to 38th Street Bridge Puddle

(01/23/18 5:20pm)

After a massive puddle appeared on Locust Walk just west of the 38th Street Class of 1949 Bridge this morning, coach Bill Budachek seized the rare opportunity to hold an extra practice session for the men's swim team. Scheduling is tight for use of Pottruck facilities, so Budachek invited the team for evening practice in the puddle. Conveniently, it fit Olympic size regulations.

These Students Used Predictive Text to Write Emails to Their Professors: Here's What Happened

(12/05/17 4:49am)

Ever had words completely desert you as you sat down to compose an important email to your professor? Yeah, me too. But a few Penn students have found a neat solution, guaranteed to work every time: using predictive text to write their emails for them. Here are three real emails that students sent to their professors: