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Sara Merican | Having faith at Penn

(03/29/18 6:02am)

On many walks back to my college house at night, I often look up at the moon, and ponder the beauty of its iridescence. The moon, hanging like a glowing orb from the star-sprinkled carpet of the night sky, is a reassuring, constant presence, even in its many phases. It is that one moment in each hectic day here when I gaze at the sky and contemplate something above the madness. 

Sara Merican | Don't forget to have a summer

(03/19/18 12:05am)

The sun is high in the sky, shining. The crisp, winter air grips your face and fingers. Locust Walk is a flurry of activity. Your favorite song is playing through your earphones. You suddenly spot a friend. You exchange greetings. “How are you?” Great, thank you. “How was your week?” More pleasantries ensue. Then, she drops the bomb: 

Sara Merican | Reflecting on falling snow and passing time

(02/01/18 12:30pm)

As the clock inched towards midnight and the new year, I watched little snow flurries falling outside the window, while my friends lied comfortably in their beds fast asleep. I was left alone with my thoughts. I thought about how precious time has become. In 2017, graduation felt like it would never come. This year, graduation feels imminent. Three years feel  like a vague, ungraspable shape, but two years — the mind can somehow comprehend its length. As a sophomore, by the end of 2019, I’ll be a senior; a few months after, a college graduate. 

Sara Merican | To tread the unfamiliar with sensitivity and humility

(11/20/17 4:10am)

The foreign sounds of Arabic engulfed my ears as I attempted to make some sense out of it. The professor gently clarified, “This is not an Arabic class, but I want you all to know how a recitation sounds.” Slowly, a pattern of rhyme and rhythm started to materialize. Slowly, my ears became attuned to the rises and falls in the language; its soft intonations and sharp glottal stops.

Sara Merican | 'Tis the season to support

(10/09/17 4:38am)

I still remember every friend who came to watch Club Singapore put on their biennial musical “Sing City” on March 26 this year. I remember every single person who happily purchased tickets from me, even though I was only going to be sitting in a small dark room at the back of the theater calling light transitions through a headset. I remember — with a tinge of embarrassment — my endearingly overzealous friends screaming my name whenever they saw the stage lights change. It was hilarious. 

Sara Merican | The pursuit of gratefulness

(10/02/17 4:19am)

More often than not, opinion columns at The Daily Pennsylvanian involve an angsty columnist (i.e. me) jabbing furiously at the keyboard, on another godforsaken Saturday night, riddled with regrets of procrastination. He or she is fueled by some campus issue (“this week, students protested … ”), some policy (“the Penn administration … ”) or some other thing about Penn students (“Penn’s climate of pre-professionalism”).