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Penn will require all sophomores to live in college housing starting in 2021

(09/26/18 6:07pm)

Penn will require all undergraduate sophomore students to live on campus in college houses starting with the Class of 2024 students, who will arrive on campus in 2020. The implementation will happen after the construction of New College House West, which is expected to open in the fall of 2021 and house around 450 students. 

Benoit Dubé, Penn's first-ever Chief Wellness Officer, says he's ready to listen

(09/17/18 3:08am)

When Benoit Dubé, 49, first received an email from an international search firm gauging his interest in the role of Penn’s inaugural Chief Wellness Officer, he took one look before sending the note straight to his trash. They send these emails to everyone, he figured, and besides, he was happy right where he was: a longtime professor of Psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine, with administrative titles that let him pursue his interests in education, wellness, and diversity. 

Penn removes Kurzban from course roster for Fall 2018, says they are investigating allegations

(04/27/18 6:39pm)

The University is actively investigating allegations that psychology professor Robert Kurzban had romantic relationships with students whom he directly oversaw, administrators confirmed on Thursday. Kurzban, who was slated to teach a senior honors seminar in psychology in the fall of 2018, has also been removed from the course, said Sharon Thompson-Schill, the chair of the Psychology Department. 

Watch: Penn Med students sing about a gallbladder to Ed Sheeran's 'Galway Girl'

(04/24/18 3:17am)

Every year, Penn adopts an ever-growing range of methods to welcome newly admitted students and entice them towards picking the University as their home. But this year, the Perelman School of Medicine has outdone itself with a welcome campaign around an unlikely subject: the gallbladder.

Penn names NYU professor Mark Wolff as new Dean of Penn Dental

(03/29/18 9:17pm)

In what is the University's third major administrative announcement this year, Penn has named a new Dean of Dental Medicine. Mark Wolff, a professor and the chair of cariology and comprehensive care at the College of Dentistry at New York University, has been selected to take on the role after a six-month long global search. 

Portraits from the Eagles parade: meet the 'greatest fans in the world'

(02/09/18 12:51am)

Millions of people attended the victory parade for the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. Every one of them withstood sub-freezing temperatures, wind chills, and congested trains just for a chance to catch a glimpse of their athletic heroes. Reporters from The Daily Pennsylvanian went out to take their portraits, listen to their stories, and learn why Philadelphia is known for having "the greatest fans in the world." 

Penn joins Philadelphia as fireworks, chaos, and celebrations erupt across the city

(02/05/18 5:37am)

Euphoria spread across the wet streets of Philadelphia last night as the clock on the Super Bowl ran out, and it became clear that the Philadelphia Eagles had beaten the New England Patriots 41-33 in Minnesota. Penn students, staff, and faculty joined thousands of Philadelphians in every corner of the city as they celebrated the team’s first ever Super Bowl win. 

Penn will remove 'Wynn Commons' name and rescind honorary degrees from Steve Wynn and Bill Cosby

(02/01/18 6:23pm)

Nearly a week after reports emerged of a decades-long pattern of alleged sexual misconduct by former Penn Trustee Steve Wynn, the University announced on Thursday that it will revoke Wynn’s honorary degree, which was granted in 2006, remove the name “Wynn Commons” from the common area outside Houston Hall, and remove Wynn’s name from the scholarship fund that he established by donation.