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New rules are making Wharton club recruitment less stressful, but not all clubs have come on board

(10/22/18 2:26am)

This semester, Wharton's notoriously selective finance and consulting clubs made mandatory changes to their application processes to ease the stress that comes with the club recruitment process. Just a few weeks past the club application deadline, freshmen and club leaders have generally expressed positive reactions to the changes, though not all finance and consulting clubs have implemented them. 

As visa rules change, international students at Trump's alma mater are worried but not deterred

(09/19/18 3:26am)

The Trump administration's increasingly stringent policies around international visas have rattled Penn's prospective students from abroad, but not dissuaded them from applying. In fact, according to admissions data, the University has seen a growing number of international applicants since President Trump took office. 

Students share mixed reactions to changes in pass/fail deadline and limits to academic credits

(09/11/18 6:43pm)

University administrators recently implemented new regulations limiting the number of courses undergraduates can take per semester and extending the pass/fail deadline. The move, which comes as a part of a University-wide wellness initiative, has prompted a mixture of reactions from students. 

Why more Penn students than ever are opting for abroad programs during the summer

(04/15/18 10:01pm)

Since on-campus recruiting began its shift to the fall from the spring approximately two years ago, trends in Penn study abroad programs have shifted too. Data shows that there has been an increase in students studying abroad in the spring semester and in less conventional study abroad programs over the summer and during school breaks.

At second UA debate, candidates weigh in on ASAM program, social event policies

(04/03/18 5:30am)

Aspiring student leaders took to the floor on Monday and Tuesday to debate hot-button issues ahead of the Undergraduate Assembly elections this week. In between discussing their platforms, student leaders raised a range of critiques on the current state of affairs, from University initiatives to school culture. 

How using Penn's logo contributes to University financial aid

(03/30/18 11:09pm)

Walking down Locust Walk, it is not uncommon to see fellow Quakers sporting Penn apparel. And while the University undoubtedly supports the public display of "Penn pride," the process of licensing Penn's logo — whether it be for sweatshirts, hats, t-shirts, or any other trinkets — comes at a cost.