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When Wharton tried to change Steiny-D's hours in 1989, students protested — and won

(09/14/18 1:14am)

Despite initial outrage, Penn students seem to be yielding to the changes in Huntsman Hall's opening hours. Last week, a planned sit-in to protest the decision passed without making a splash, ending after just 15 minutes. Twenty-nine years ago, however, when Wharton administrators tried to limit the hours of another popular study spot, Penn students took on a stronger fighting stance. 

In their four years on campus, the Class of 2022 will see a host of new buildings emerge

(08/22/18 11:14pm)

Penn’s campus always appears to be buzzing with construction, and many more new buildings are already underway. From the time the new freshman class steps on campus for the first time as students this fall through the end of their senior year in 2022, the campus is bound to look very different. Here are some of the ongoing projects that the new freshmen can expect to see by the time of their graduation. 

Jeb Bush at Penn's Silfen Forum: D.C. lawmakers are 'complicating immigration policy'

(02/15/18 8:09pm)

Members of the Senate failed to advance any immigration laws on Feb. 15, leaving the fate of various United States immigrants in an ongoing state of limbo. News of the vote came in as hundreds of attendees sat in Irvine Auditorium, listening to former Vice President Joe Biden and former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush discuss immigration policy with Penn President Amy Gutmann.

Former Tufts University President Lawrence Bacow selected as Harvard University's new president

(02/11/18 10:05pm)

Lawrence S. Bacow, a longtime leader in American higher education, will be Harvard University's 29th president, according to an announcement Sunday. He will replace the university’s first female president, Drew Gilpin Faust, who will be stepping down after 11 years, effective July 1, 2018.

Friends and family mourn the sudden death of College freshman William Steinberg

(01/03/18 5:09am)

College freshman William Steinberg, 18, was among 10 American tourists who died in a fatal plane crash on Dec. 31. Steinberg, who was traveling in Costa Rica with his family, died when his plane, which was traveling from the resort town of Punta Islita on the Pacific coast, crashed into a mountainous region.

Penn just approved its third housing project in four years. But is another dorm necessary?

(11/16/17 3:21am)

New College House West, which will be built over the high rise field, is the latest of three major projects that Penn has undertaken in the past four years to expand on-campus housing. Some administrators have said that the main reason for building New College House West is an apparent need for more on-campus housing, though student accounts and data on student housing seem to contradict this. 

Students worry that a new dorm on high rise field will take away one of Penn's remaining green spaces

(11/05/17 10:56pm)

The Board of Trustees announced Thursday that plans for a new residential building on the west end of campus have been approved. But since the announcement of what Penn President Amy Gutmann has called “a signature moment to improve student life at Penn,” some students have expressed concerns that the establishment of the new residential building will demolish the few green spaces left on campus.