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New study shows decline in law school applications is result of high costs and work-life balance

(09/21/18 7:10pm)

The rate of law school applications has declined in recent years, according to data from the Association of American Law Schools. To investigate why, the Association published a Sept. 20 study with Gallup that concluded undergraduates considering law school are often discouraged by high tuition costs and work-life balance.

Penn students join Philadelphians lining up at Dell Music Center hours before Obama rally

(09/21/18 4:54pm)

By 9 a.m. on Friday, local Philadelphians and die-hard Democrats were lining up outside the Dell Music Center, armed with picnic blankets, Obama paraphernalia, and buckets of snacks. Those first to arrive come from diverse backgrounds, although the prevalence of high school and college students throughout the crowd is hard to miss.

At a West Philly barber shop, police and residents address issues of racial disparity

(09/21/18 1:20am)

In the West Philadelphia neighborhood situated just beyond the "Penn bubble" on 40th Street,  police officers and community residents say tensions between them often run high. But at a barber shop only a few blocks off campus, Philadelphia police officer and Vice President of the National Black Police Association G. Lamar Stewart is working to bring the community together and bridge the divide.

Jeb Bush just became Penn’s second presidential professor of practice. Here’s what that means.

(09/20/18 11:22pm)

Former Florida Governor and 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush became Penn’s second Presidential Professor of Practice last week, joining former Vice President Joe Biden, who was named the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of Practice last year. Professors at Penn greeted the move as a positive step towards bipartisan discourse on campus.