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(02/10/16 11:44pm)

Chris Christie was not on our schedule. Fortuitously, we saw his bus on the way to another event, and Dan Spinelli and I hopped from the van to check it out. We finally found him in Murphy's Diner.

(02/11/16 12:06am)

This one is less luck and more persistence. Dan Spinelli and I were lucky to get into the Sanders rally at all, but once I picked my spot, I did not move from it for hours.

(02/11/16 12:15am)

This is not really a dramatic stroke of luck, but we did a really good interview with a young voter before finding out that she currently was 17, which meant that we needed parental consent to interview here. However, her dad (pictured) was close and even more energetic.

(02/11/16 12:19am)

I am short, which does not help me as a photographer, especially when Kasich himself is not very tall. However, I happened to come across a mound of packed-in snow to stand on.