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Graduate students call for more transparency in ongoing push for central diversity office at Penn

(09/06/18 12:00pm)

Graduate students have spent more than a year campaigning for a central diversity office, and they only plan to continue pushing forward this semester. In the face of slow progress, student leaders said they intend to expand their support base by engaging undergraduate students and finding further evidence to support the need for this office at Penn.  

The Penn mental health resources every freshman needs to know

(08/20/18 3:03pm)

Before arriving to campus, it's likely that incoming freshmen have already heard of the notion of Penn Face, the ”work hard, play hard” mantra, and maybe even the hyper-competitive club recruitment processes. While many of these phenomena do exist on campus, there are also many steps the University and student groups have taken to improve mental wellness and to offer additional resources for students in need of support.

UA working to gauge interested in 'embed system' for CAPS counselors

(03/27/18 7:37pm)

The Undergraduate Assembly administered a survey to undergraduate students to gauge interest for specific mental health initiatives, including the location of Counseling and Psychological Services, the presence of student-led mental health groups, and the possibility of walk-in CAPS sessions in buildings on campus.

Four grad schools got their own CAPS staff member. A year later, here's how they're doing.

(02/20/18 3:30am)

Counseling and Psychological Services announced the hiring of four new CAPS staff members approximately a year ago. Since then, the four CAPS employees, each directly serving one of four graduate schools, have been integrated into the schools and are working toward some noticeable progress.

Increased staff and student demand leaves CAPS looking for more space

(02/15/18 2:32am)

The expansion of both staff and student demand is cornering Counseling and Psychological Services into a tight spot. According to CAPS officials, the department may not have the office space to accommodate the five full-time therapists promised by Penn President Amy Gutmann on Nov. 20 after the Campus Conversation.

Portraits from the Eagles parade: meet the 'greatest fans in the world'

(02/09/18 12:51am)

Millions of people attended the victory parade for the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. Every one of them withstood sub-freezing temperatures, wind chills, and congested trains just for a chance to catch a glimpse of their athletic heroes. Reporters from The Daily Pennsylvanian went out to take their portraits, listen to their stories, and learn why Philadelphia is known for having "the greatest fans in the world." 

CAPS looks to address 'growing demand' for services with University review of operations

(01/30/18 1:00pm)

After the Campus Conversation highlighted several concerns related to mental wellness within the Penn community, Penn President Amy Gutmann announced in an email that Penn would undertake a series of steps to evaluate and improve mental health — including an administrative review of Counseling and Psychological Services. 

Penn RAs and GAs are trained to be support systems — and at times lifelines — for residents

(01/18/18 12:21am)

When College freshman Spencer Rosen begins to feel the pressure of freshman year, he knows there are many outlets upon which he can draw for support. While Counseling and Psychological Services provides many resources for students, and friends are often available to chat, sometimes the most helpful resource for Rosen is his residential advisor College senior Tucker Reynolds.

Panhellenic Council partners with wellness groups to set a different tone for rush this year

(01/12/18 4:50am)

Whether it be the hundreds of women outside in the biting cold, the five-minute conversations filled with unfaltering smiles, or the late nights staying up second-guessing all the first impressions made throughout the previous hours — feeling stress during the five days of Penn sorority rush can often seem unavoidable.