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Alex Kuang | Penn students often ‘pull trig,’ but does this actually prevent nausea and hangovers?

(02/06/18 4:58pm)

It’s one in the morning on Friday night — somehow, with a lot of luck and the aid of the meandering zigzag on Locust, you’ve staggered back home. You’re perfumed with the cheap scent of Franzia (Sunset Blush, of course) and perched on your knees in front of the toilet. One hand desperately clasps the porcelain and the other is barely holding on to the bathroom wall. Should you pull trig? Ah, to hell with it. You’ve got a busy day tomorrow and you’ll feel better immediately.

Alex Kuang | Why chasing excellence can be harmful

(01/23/18 2:00pm)

I learned to solve a Rubik’s Cube this winter break. My first try took 37 minutes, as I thoroughly inspected the beginner’s guide on YouTube and timidly swapped blues for greens and reds for whites. The feeling is addictive; when solving and racing the clock, I had no time to worry about problems in my life. All that existed was the cube. I’ve since brought my time down to a mere minute and nine seconds.