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Email Marketing

Over 6,200 readers subscribe to receive our free daily newsletter via email, with links to the top stories featured on,, and Newsletter emails are sent out five times each week (Monday-Friday) during the school year. There are two available positions in each day's email. The top position is located above the lead story and the middle position is located under the lead photograph. 

Marketing Services

The Daily Pennsylvanian offers a variety of marketing services to help your business target the Penn market, including:

Flyering: Want to get your message out in a very personal way? Hire our Marketing Services team to flyer or do product sampling for your business.

Social Media: No time to figure out your social media strategy? Let our Marketing Services team help you harness the power of social media. We can write posts for your social media channels or we can create and manage channels for your business.

Photos & Video: Need photos for your new menu or want us to shoot a video of your bartender preparing a signature cocktail for your website? Hire a Daily Pennsylvanian photo/videographer to shoot your next project.

Market Research: Are you looking for information about your customers? Our Marketing Research team can prepare and execute market research surveys for you to get direct feedback about your business. Surveys can be in done in person, through focus groups or online.

Sponsored Content: Interested in being featured in an article or running a ‘how-to’ column on the best way to decorate your room? Our Sponsored Content team can create a special piece for your business that can appear in print and online, as well as be promoted through our social media channels.

Marketing services are designed to fit the unique needs of each business. Contact our Advertising Office for a custom plan and pricing.