02/02/19 3:26pm
Water came from the ceiling in multiple places inside the store, and it late came rushing down the outside of the building.
02/01/19 9:01pm
DP Sports Staffer Daniel Wittmer walked around Penn's campus testing people's knowledge of the upcoming Super Bowl. Here are some of their responses.
01/31/19 12:29am
Watch Caroline Moore, senior captain of the Penn women’s gymnastic team, show DP Multimedia staffer Ananya Chandra some cool tricks!
01/28/19 9:00am
Check out The Trillest podcast returning this Saturday, Feb 2! This next season is all about love at Penn -- get pumped!
01/23/19 11:57pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sent sports staffer Jacob Wessels to try to beat Reeham Sedky, national squash champion and captain of the Penn women's squash team. How will he do? Watch to find out!
01/21/19 9:18pm
After a pipe burst due to the cold weather, the lobby of Harrison College House flooded.
01/21/19 12:36am
The third annual Women's March took place on Saturday, January 19th in Philadelphia. Here's an inside look.
01/18/19 7:04pm
Are you up for the challenge? Join DP Sports:
01/16/19 7:00pm
Everything you've ever wanted, minus Kevin Bacon.  Your campus compass. Join us and find your direction:
12/19/18 7:51pm
Penn admitted 18 percent of the early-decision applicant pool this year — the lowest acceptance rate ever. Watch how these Quakers react to their acceptances!
12/12/18 7:59pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian sent one of our sports staffers to try to beat Justin Yoo, senior epee on the Penn men's fencing team. How will he fare against the 2020 Olympic hopeful? Find out in this video!
12/11/18 8:00pm
In 2018, students stormed into Center City when the Eagles won the Super Bowl and planned a (failed) protest against the decision to close Huntsman Hall early. With the year coming to an end, The Daily Pennsylvanian looked back on some of the highlights.
11/26/18 12:30am
On Monday, November 5, tanned and toned undergraduate and graduate students took to the stage showcasing their muscular bodies in the 26th Mr. and Ms. Penn bodybuilding competition. The Daily Pennsylvanian took a look at the preparation and backstage events that surrounded the show.
11/12/18 2:12am
After defeating Harvard, 68-65, in the Ivy tournament championship last year, Penn men's basketball secured its spot in the NCAA Tournament. Following a sad defeat to No. 1 Kansas in Wichita, Kansas, the players and Coach Donahue reflect on the memorable game in the wake of the Quaker's new season.
11/06/18 8:54pm
Amy Gutmann voted today - did you?
11/04/18 3:53pm
On this "30 Seconds With", The Daily Pennsylvanian talks to Max Rothschild of the Penn Men's Basketball team.
10/30/18 9:10pm
Get to know columnist Carl-Emmanuel Fulghieri on this segment of 20 Questions, and be sure to catch his column "Carlito's Way", published usually on Thursdays.
10/22/18 12:24am
Get to know columnist Jessica Li on this segment of 20 Questions, and be sure to catch her column "Road Jess Traveled" bimonthly on Sundays.
10/21/18 11:49pm
Penn Facilities and Real Estate Services intern Elena Juodisius charted out the locations around campus that have plants that humans can eat. The Daily Pennsylvanian sent staffer Carson Kahoe out to try them all.