04/24/13 1:42am
Seth Zweifler sits down with Patrick McGovern, Director of the Biomolecular Archaelogy Larboratory at the Penn Museum, to discuss his research into Ancient Beer. RELATED: One Penn Museum scientific director’s specialty: beer
04/22/13 7:43pm
On Friday, approximately 17,000 people filled Penn Park to celebrate the conclusion of the record-breaking Making History Fund Raising Campaign. With free food, beer and stellar performances by Train and John Legend, the event brought members from all aspects of the Penn community together for a momentous occasion. See story here.
04/18/13 10:30pm
The DP got a look at the redesigned sixth floor of Van Pelt.
04/15/13 1:00am
We’re excited to announce our first ever Athlete of the Week, junior Penn men’s lacrosse goalie Brian Feeney, whose career-high single-game save percentage (.833) helped the Quakers trump Brown for the first time in three seasons. Feeney’s stats this spring speak for themselves, and now, so does he. Read more at The Buzz
04/14/13 11:50pm
What happens at Fling stays at Fling. RELATED: Flinging in the rain with Tyga, Girl Talk and Janelle Monae
04/14/13 11:33pm
In the face of Lou Gehrig’s disease, Scott Mackler is not slowing down. RELATED: Living life, one letter at a time
04/09/13 12:47am
The Penn community shares their thoughts on this year’s lineup.
04/08/13 11:50pm
On Sunday 4/7, thousands turned out to run for their lives in an event organized by Penn sophomore Andrew Hudis for the veteran’s charity “Active Heroes”.
04/05/13 12:48am
Men and women gathered at College Green Thursday night for the annual Take Back the Night rally. They marched all around campus yelling “Penn Unite, Take Back the Night” and the event was followed by a candlelight vigil where survivors shared their stories. RELATED: No fear for survivors, supporters at Take Back the Night
04/04/13 8:41pm
Some Engineering seniors for their design project created glasses that vibrate when you start to doze off. Read the story here.
04/04/13 3:41pm
Engineering seniors design glasses that keep you awake. The glasses, created as part of a senior design project, wake the wearer up as they fall asleep. RELATED: Engineering seniors design glasses that keep you awake
04/04/13 12:11am
Miller Radford explores the ABCS Summit, giving light to service opportunities through learning here at Penn.
03/29/13 12:46am
Penn Admissions sends out decisions to the incoming freshman Class of 2017. RELATED: Penn admit rate drops to record-low 12.1 percent
03/28/13 12:37am
John Pollack of Penn Libraries explains hows he is making 400 year-old romance accessible to Penn students through the Early Novels Database. The project focuses on ‘metadata,’ such as title pages and author names. RELATED: Early Novels Database makes 400-year-old books searchable.
03/27/13 12:33am
Wharton grants GSR access to College and Engineering students, though not Nursing. Wharton’s Spike website made the announcement Tuesday, stirring mixed reactions among students. RELATED: Wharton grants GSR access to College and Engineering students
03/26/13 1:01am
Fiona Glisson interviews Prof. Daeyong Lee as he explains his award-winning research into the applied properties of “bubbles”. RELATED: Professor uses bubbles as inspiration for design
03/25/13 6:28pm
About 200 protesters from a group called Americans for Free Speech marched in protest of the Wharton India Economic Forum Saturday afternoon near the Penn Museum. RELATED: Protesters march against Wharton India Economic Forum
03/20/13 1:43am
Gabe Delaney ’15 and Christian Cortes ’15 explain their past experiences and policy positions for the ongoing UA elections. RELATED: Meet your UA Vice President candidates
03/18/13 7:39pm
Christian Cortes W’15 debates with Gabe Delaney C’15 for the UA Vice Presidency. RELATED:UA vice presidential candidates discuss solutions to SAC moratorium
03/18/13 6:47am
Abe Sutton gives a Q&A session on his uncontested bid for UA Presidency and reelection. RELATED: UA vice presidential candidates discuss solutions to SAC moratorium