02/19/15 1:39am
DP Video gets an inside look at Hack4Impact, a service-centric programming group. Video by Gianni Mascioli and Dani Blum.
02/18/15 7:46am
Some Whartonites have shied away from finance or consulting in their post-graduate careers, instead choosing the toy industry. Check out two such toymakers. Video by Carter Coudriet.
02/12/15 2:25am
DP reporter Isabel Kim discusses the gender ratio in the Vagelos Program and other STEM fields with Vagelos students. Video by Esther Jou.
02/11/15 3:21am
DP Video investigates two diffeent ride-sharing groups- Lyft and Uber. Video by Esther Jou and Aaron Kelley.
02/10/15 6:00pm
Footage contributed by Penn Appetit's Lea Kichler. Speakers including Top Chef winner Kevin Spraga attended the Food Summit hosted by Penn Appetit. Video edited by Carter Coudriet and Claire Huang.
02/08/15 11:34pm
A Pine Street resident comments on the UPenn Alert sent out pertaining to a "robbery with weapon" at 4108 Pine. Video by Carter Coudriet. Reporting by David Cahn.
02/04/15 11:56pm
Check out Penn Athletics from the week of February 5, 2015. Join Video Staff Member Esther Jou as she delves into the state of the Quakers with Associate Sports Editor Thomas Munson and Senior Sports Editor Riley Steele. Directed by Aaron Kelley.
02/04/15 1:12am
Kayvon Asemani discusses his emerging rap career and the stories behind it. Interview by Elizabeth Winston. Video by Léa Kichler.
02/03/15 2:43am
The Daily Pennsylvanian breaks down the details of Jonathan Greenblatt's Ethos water initiative. Video by Joyce Lin.
02/01/15 10:52pm
The app "Campus Maps" has come to Penn, and The Daily Pennsylvanian checks out the different parts of the virtual guidebook. Video by Carter Coudriet
01/30/15 1:30pm
The Student Labor Action Project hosts its social media campaign event in Arch advocating for Penn paying PILOTs. Video by Carter Coudriet
01/29/15 1:02am
Check out Penn Athletics from the week of January 29, 2015. Join Video Staff Member Esther Jou as she delves into the state of the Quakers with Sports Editors Laine Higgins and Thomas Munson. Directed by Aaron Kelley.
01/27/15 2:44am
A team of four freshman create a Google Glass app that allows the blind to see. Filmed and edited by Chris Kao.
01/27/15 12:30am
The Daily Pennsylvanian looks at how to use the environmentally-friendly contents of the Penn Dining kit. Video by Carter Coudriet. Reporting by Jeffrey Careyva. Appearances by Aakash Shingala and Trinity McLain.
01/23/15 12:32am
Trayvon Martin's mother speaks to the DP.
01/22/15 1:29am
Watch The Daily Pennsylvanian's sports editors discuss and debate Penn athletics, including men's basketball, wrestling, and women's basketball.
01/20/15 12:18am
Engineers from Penn and beyond participated in January's PennApps hackathon. Video by Carter Coudriet.
01/20/15 12:12am
On January 19, 2015, thousands of protesters took to the Philadelphia streets to participate in the MLK Day of Action, Resistance and Empowerment March. The event included a march and speeches advocating for an end to "Stop and Frisk," a raise in the minimum wage and an improved education system. Video by Joyce Lin.
01/19/15 11:45am
The Daily Pennsylvanian is the University of Pennsylvania's independent student news organization. Join us for our information sessions on January 21 and 22. Visit for more details.
01/14/15 12:06am
The Counseling and Psychological Services office has moved to its new office on Market Street. Video by Carter Coudriet. Photos by Irina Bit-Babik. Interview by Jody Freinkel.