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No. 12 Penn women's basketball lost a heartbreaking game to No. 5 Texas A&M 63-61 in the first round of the NCAA tournament after leading by 21 points with 9 minutes left in the game.Photos by Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor and Ilana Wurman | Senior Photographer 
After a surprisingly warm February, last night, snow storm Stella made its way across the Northeast and blanketed Penn in a sheet of white. Classes have been canceled as the snow continues to fall today. Students are enjoying the day off in this winter wonderland. Joy Lee | News Photo Editor
Penn women's basketball capped off an incredible season by defeating the Princeton Tigers 57-48 to win the inaugural Ivy League Basketball Tournament. Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Penn men's basketball suffered a rough loss to Dartmouth 76-74 on Friday, but came back strong against Harvard the following night, surging to a 75-72 victory over the Crimson to carry them into the Ivy Tournament next weekend as the 4-seed.Photos by Davide Zhou | Contributing Photographer and Andrew Fischer | Director of Web Development
Penn women's basketball beat out Harvard 64-46 to clinch their second Ivy League title in two years. They'll be facing off against Brown in the Ivy League Tournament this Saturday at 11:30 AM.Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Beiler's Donuts opened on campus today in Chestnut Hall. Students and members of the Philadelphia community lined up around the block for free samples of donuts and ice cream. Avalon Morell | Associate Photo Editor
Penn track & field traveled to New York this weekend to compete in the Ivy League Heptagonal Indoor Track & Field Championships. They brought back a host of medals, including Nick Tuck's first-place in the men's 5000m, Calvary Rogers' first-place in the men's 200m, Cleo Whiting's new school record and third-place finish in the women's 5000m, and Chris Hatler's first-place victory in the men's mile.Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Penn men's basketball fought hard against the Lions, going back and forth with Columbia in an intense battle of wills until eventually relinquishing the lead with about 8 minutes to spare. The Quakers ultimately lost to the Lions 70-67.Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
The men's and women's basketball teams headed to New Haven for the second half of their weekend double-header. The men upset Yale 71-55 after setting up a huge 27-2 lead at halftime, but the women's team ended up falling to the Bulldogs 61-48.Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Penn men's and women's basketball both pulled off clutch victories against Brown on Friday, winning 96-72 and 71-68 respectively.Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Penn men's and women's fencing competed in the Ivy League Championships at the Coach Dave Micahnik Fencing Center this weekend, with the women placing third and the men's team taking home their second straight Ivy title. Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Heavy snowfall hit Philadelphia early this morning, and a layer of white blanketed campus. Students enjoyed the morning off as the university cleared roads and walkways. 
Last Thursday evening, a stream of Penn students marched down Walnut Street chanting “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here.”
Despite the packed crowd and spirited atmosphere at the Palestra, Penn men’s basketball couldn't top its rival Princeton, falling to the Tigers 64-49.Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Penn men's basketball will be playing Princeton at the Palestra during the school year for the first time in 5 years, so we scoured the DP archives for a look back at their past encounters over the years.Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Philadelphia residents took to the streets February 4th to protest President Trump's executive order banning travel from seven primarily Muslim nations. Protestors rallied behind a banner displaying "#SanctuaryEverywhere," alluding to Philadelphias's status as a sanctuary city. Starting at 2 P.M from City Hall, the march proceeded down Chestnut St. until reaching Independence Hall. Here, speakers addressed and eventually rallied the crowd down Market St. where they reached City Hall at approximately 4 P.M.Julio Sosa | Associate Photo Editor 
Penn gymnastics competed at the Pink Meet this weekend, facing off against NC State, Bridgeport, and Cornell.Zach Sheldon | Sports Photo Editor
Today at noon, Penn students, faculty, and staff gathered around the LOVE statue near College Green in solidarity with those affected by Trump's immigration ban. They held white flowers and listened to various speakers who shared messages of support.