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Credit: Dim Sum House

New to dim sum and wondering how to order? We spoke to Jackson Fu, owner of Dim Sum House by Jane G’s at 40th and Chestnut to get the low down on the basics so you can be sure to impress your dining partners!

Fu says your choices should be determined by two things: who is joining you for dinner and the total number of guests. Below are the basics of ordering meals for different occasions. We list some suggested items which can be added to a normal dim sum meal. There’s no such thing as ordering wrong, but if you order the correct items in the correct order you will impress your guests and get a nod from your waiter! 

Credit: Dim Sum House

Casual dinner with friends: Start with 1-2 carb items. We suggest the Scallion Pancakes or Dan Dan Noodles. Then select between 1-2 vegetable dishes, popular items include the Shanghai Bok Choi or Mapo Tofu. Next up is a meat-based item. Chicken helps create a nice, balanced meal. If you’re looking for suggestions, try the Three Cup Chicken or Chicken Shiitake Dumplings. All meals should end with dessert. Favorite options are Egg Tarts and Pumpkin Tarts.

Credit: Dim Sum House

Networking event or date night: Just like dinner with friends you are going to start with carb based items and a few vegetable dishes. The meat course is next and this is where you will differentiate a regular dining experience from a special night! Seafood items are a great choice for important occasions because they show a person that you think they are special. We suggest ordering the Crystal Shrimp Dumplings, Shrimp Sui Mai or Ginger Scallion Fish Fillet! Again, always end your meal with something sweet!

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