Smoke 'em if you got 'em, because in three months you'll be out of luck.

Last Friday, Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell signed into law the Clean Indoor Air Act, which will prohibit smoking in most public places, such as restaurants, workplaces and certain parts of casino floors.

The bill is designed to be a protection against secondhand smoke and follows Philadelphia's own smoking ban from 2006.

"Smoking and secondhand smoke kills and costs our health care system billions of dollars in Pennsylvania," Rendell said in a press release. "It only makes sense for us to attack this problem and the public overwhelmingly supports these protections."

There are several exceptions to the bill, allowing smoking in places like private residences, private social functions and wholesale or retail tobacco shops.

The bill also calls for penalties against those who don't comply with the new law.

Pennsylvania's businesses will have 90 days to make the necessary changes to comply with the bill's standards.

The bill cites dangers of secondhand smoke outlined in a 2006 report from the United States Surgeon General, which include developmental effects in children, heart disease in adults and cancer in the lungs and elsewhere.

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