10/03/15 12:00pm
RECESS, the world’s first college music and ideas festival, is seeking to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs and also bring some great music acts to campus on Oct. 7 and 9.
10/01/15 12:58am
The hub, based in the Singh Center, is aimed at increasing access to the University's nanotechnology facilities.
10/01/15 12:55am
The night before Rajat Mehndiratta, Cyrus Tabrizi, Edward Ahn, and Vasu Agrawal arrived at PennApps last month, they had no idea what was in store for them.
09/29/15 11:43pm
Penn Engineering senior William Duckworth, CTO of FeverSmart, beat out nine other finalists and over 75 initial applicants in the competition, which was hosted by former AOL CEO and Revolution Ventures Chairman Steve Case.
09/28/15 9:35pm
The fourth annual Y Prize — a competition in which students examine the intersection of engineering and business, find applications for cutting edge technologies and step into the shoes of budding entrepreneurs — held its kick-off event on Monday.
09/28/15 1:07am
Computers now take 30 seconds to start and all applications, including large ones, load in seconds.
09/25/15 2:59pm
Last month, the society received the Meritorious Achievement Award, the most significant award the organization gives out, signifying excellence across every aspect of the chapter.
09/22/15 11:40pm
The feature that differentiates Woldview from other photo-sharing apps is that when people post photos, they are entered to win plane tickets to any destination of their choice.
09/21/15 11:47pm
Penn professor Insup Lee has received $6 million towards improving the “Internet of Things.”
09/20/15 10:00am
Any business idea involving a mobile application can be submitted by October 12 to a panel of venture capitalists.
09/18/15 2:00am
Franklin now offers the ability to directly search the contents of Penn's thousands of database and e-journal subscriptions.
09/17/15 12:11am
As Penn clubs begin to churn out new events and notifications for their members this fall, one app has come in handy: Ublend.
09/15/15 11:59pm
With a prize pool of one million dollars, the competition is the largest of its type. The winner will receive $500,000 and the five semifinalists will each receive $100,000.
09/08/15 10:53pm
Before becoming an engineering rockstar, Kumar was simply a teenager with a passion for science fiction.
09/07/15 11:00pm
The winning team, four Carnegie Mellon students, created a device that aids visually impaired people in communicating with technology.
09/07/15 10:46pm
Many desktop computers on the first floor of Van Pelt have been marked as out of order.
09/03/15 12:07am
This year's hackathon will feature themed categories and place an emphasis on civic engagement.
09/02/15 11:14pm
The Penn Robocup team travelled to China this July to compete in the Robocup World Finals.
09/02/15 11:11pm
The Division of Public Safety has been researching body cameras, but is in no rush to implement a new system.
09/02/15 10:14pm
No one was more shocked at finding their name among the 32 million Ashley Madison subscribers than one Penn professor. 
09/01/15 11:23pm

Penn entrepreneurs win health startup competition

Krystle Karoscik and Medha Sengupta recently won the National Institute of Health Neuro Startup Challenge, which involved creating a company to market a medical invention.
08/30/15 11:27pm
PennApps, the largest collegiate hackathon in the country, will take place next weekend.
08/26/15 11:09pm
As of this year, online courses are offered by all of Penn’s 12 schools.
08/25/15 11:02pm
The startup allows students to buy and sell anything from textbooks and dorm supplies to tutoring services.
08/20/15 2:16am
Wharton classmates remember newly instated Google CEO Sundar Pichai as reflective, thoughtful and down to earth.
07/02/15 4:00am

Penn alum develops app aiming to make college admissions advice more affordable

Ivy Authority, which was co-founded by 2010 College graduate Michael Tate, allows students from around the globe to ask questions regarding the college application process and receive answers from Ivy graduates
06/25/15 3:53pm
Penn students can now learn about everything from property law to limb anatomy to global business with nothing but a thirst for knowledge and an internet connection.
06/18/15 6:00am
1997 Wharton and College graduate Elon Musk, who has been dubbed by Robert Downey Jr. as the real-life Iron Man, may have outdone even Iron Man with his latest creation.
06/11/15 6:07am
Astronomy assistant professor Cullen Blake and graduate student David Sliski hope to discover planets orbiting stars other than the Sun.
05/28/15 6:48am
The study revealed that there may be a significant number of viable organs that were previously disregarded on the basis of their HIV infection available for donation.