Student Life

08/27/17 8:49pm
Last year, 180 Degrees Consulting club accepted 17 people out of the 200 applicants. That's a 8.5 percent acceptance rate, which is lower than Penn's lowest ever acceptance rate of 9.15 percent. 
08/25/17 6:59am
The catalog is the first in a series of updates to Penn's information systems through the “Next Generation Student Systems” project. 
08/23/17 9:23am
The program has various interesting events but struggles to get more graduate students involved. 
08/23/17 9:17am
How to perform the first part of Penn's "work hard, play hard" mantra. 
08/23/17 7:00am
A look into how NSO became the six-day, jam-packed affair it is now. 
08/23/17 7:00am
Some students don't mind homework over the summer if it lightens the workload during the semester. 
08/23/17 7:00am
“At times you’ll feel homesick or slightly uncomfortable, but they’re always people and resources at campus,” College and Engineering sophomore Raj Bhuva said.
08/22/17 8:00pm
To mark the beginning of this fall semester, The Daily Pennsylvanian put together a series of the most interesting stories surrounding New Student Orientation. 
08/22/17 11:55am
The African Community Learning Program will allow children to explore their heritage through projects where they’ll investigate the culture of their homelands.
08/20/17 10:36pm
This task force was formed in response to an offensive email sent by off-campus organization OZ two semesters ago. 
08/08/17 9:39am
Penn contested the terms of a crucial vote at the National Labor Relations Board for three months, delaying the efforts of pro-union graduate students. 
07/28/17 3:58am
“I felt a bit of pressure [to attend parties during NSO] but it was more because I wanted to make as many friends as I could and going out was a good way to do that."
07/25/17 12:19pm
Princeton University had the lowest score — 48.3 percent lower than the Ivy League average — according to the report from
07/19/17 8:49pm
Paul Sniegowski is an avid biker known among colleagues and students for his friendliness and sense of humor.
07/19/17 2:30pm
You might have seen fifth-year Ph.D student Alex Burka walking around campus with his “Proton Pack” — a large orange backpack equipped with sensors that collect information from various surfaces. This is why. 
07/17/17 5:14pm
Raxx Vintage offers men’s and women’s clothing from the 1960s through the 1990s. Store manager Lauren Saslow said merchandise would be made a little more preppy to appeal to Penn students. 
07/13/17 10:25pm
On Campus Recruiting, also known as OCR, refers to the period where companies send representatives to Penn's campus to interview students for post-graduate jobs and summer internships. 
07/05/17 8:41pm
The petition, which had collected 131 signatures by Wednesday evening, was created by rising Engineering sophomore and web developer for The Daily Pennsylvanian Colby Cox.
06/30/17 10:58am
Penne Restaurant & Wine Bar, the Italian eatery known for its housemade pastas, has closed after 15 years.
06/29/17 10:24pm
The club recruitment process at Penn, which occurs every fall and spring, has been characterized by students as competitive and discouraging, according to a survey by the Undergraduate Assembly done in February.