Student Life

08/29/17 11:46pm
Starting Monday,  421 popular alcoholic beverages will cost consumers at least $1 more.
08/29/17 12:29pm
An interactive timeline looking into when Penn's off-campus organizations were formed, and why. 
08/28/17 11:52pm
Students have begun to choose study abroad destinations where spring semesters don't extend into the summer — that way, their internship schedules aren't impacted.
08/28/17 8:01pm
Engineering sophomore Griffin Murphy will only get to move and unpack all his things into his HamCo apartment at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, which is also the first day of classes. 
08/28/17 7:29pm
These groups work closely with Penn's cultural resource centers to formulate programs targeting incoming minority students. 
08/28/17 5:33pm
There will also be designated "Uber zones," at major buildings on campus including Houston Hall, the Quad and Penn Dental School, where students can easily be picked up and dropped off. 
08/28/17 2:41pm
“Thinking of the history of activism at Penn, I think [the appointment of] the black Provost is one of those small victories that we as activists can pat ourselves on the back for doing.”  
08/28/17 10:33am
Last year, roughly 18 clubs applied for SAC recognition, but only 12 were successful. 
08/27/17 8:49pm
Last year, 180 Degrees Consulting club accepted 17 people out of the 200 applicants. That's a 8.5 percent acceptance rate, which is lower than Penn's lowest ever acceptance rate of 9.15 percent. 
08/25/17 6:59am
The catalog is the first in a series of updates to Penn's information systems through the “Next Generation Student Systems” project. 
08/23/17 9:23am
The program has various interesting events but struggles to get more graduate students involved. 
08/23/17 9:17am
How to perform the first part of Penn's "work hard, play hard" mantra. 
08/23/17 7:00am
A look into how NSO became the six-day, jam-packed affair it is now. 
08/23/17 7:00am
Some students don't mind homework over the summer if it lightens the workload during the semester. 
08/23/17 7:00am
“At times you’ll feel homesick or slightly uncomfortable, but they’re always people and resources at campus,” College and Engineering sophomore Raj Bhuva said.
08/22/17 8:00pm
To mark the beginning of this fall semester, The Daily Pennsylvanian put together a series of the most interesting stories surrounding New Student Orientation. 
08/22/17 11:55am
The African Community Learning Program will allow children to explore their heritage through projects where they’ll investigate the culture of their homelands.
08/20/17 10:36pm
This task force was formed in response to an offensive email sent by off-campus organization OZ two semesters ago. 
08/08/17 9:39am
Penn contested the terms of a crucial vote at the National Labor Relations Board for three months, delaying the efforts of pro-union graduate students. 
07/28/17 3:58am
“I felt a bit of pressure [to attend parties during NSO] but it was more because I wanted to make as many friends as I could and going out was a good way to do that."