Student Life

09/20/17 11:04pm
“There’s a pretty clear distinction between the international foreign kids and the true foreign kids. I can’t imagine how they would feel, coming to a different country for university. I was technically coming back to a place I knew." 
09/20/17 9:54pm
“We understand that there may be a feeling that [the Event Observers] are out shutting out all the parties right now,” said Executive Director of the Office of Student Affairs Katie Bonner. “I would like to dispel that myth." 
09/20/17 9:00pm
Following student protests over a sexist email sent by off-campus organization OZ in 2016, the University set up a task force, which has just begun to implement a range of policies that have led to a widespread increase in event closures across campus.
09/20/17 8:49pm
“I sat next to sophomores, juniors and seniors and I did the same work as them, I don’t understand why they would get the credit and I wouldn't." 
09/20/17 5:08pm
Earlier this month, hackers broke into the system of credit-reporting agency Equifax and stole the private information of up to 143 million people.
09/20/17 11:48am
2013 Penn Law School graduate Jeremy Peskin has been working with Penn students affected by DACA through his initiative Borderwise.
09/20/17 2:25am
As of June, 37 of Penn's approximately 200 nonresidential campus buildings include at least one gender-neutral bathroom.
09/19/17 6:15pm
Students held up signs that read "Don't teach us White Supremacy" and "We Know Enough about White History." 
09/19/17 1:20am
Dante Benitez has requested further investigation, pushing back his trial date to Dec. 12. Ivan Loginov has requested to enter a rehabilitation diversion program for first-time offenders. 
09/18/17 9:08pm
Students raised examples of police shutting down philanthropy events, birthday parties and small movie nights. 
09/18/17 1:00pm
Some Penn professors said they aren't concerned because many graduate programs at Penn have a strong reputation. 
09/18/17 11:00am
 For the 2017-18 academic year, SRFS estimated the eating off campus was approximately $750 cheaper than eating on campus.
09/18/17 12:15am
Five of the fourteen students to have died by suicide since February 2013 at Penn have been graduate students.
09/17/17 11:03pm
“There’s something to say for talking to a student who is the same age as you and maybe who has gone through something similar." 
09/17/17 9:07pm
Although the program has seen an “increased interest," many students remain skeptical, and often embarrassed, about having used the service.
09/17/17 8:11pm
On-Campus recruiting started at the beginning of the semester but Career Services said they only received a list of exchange students on Sept. 15. 
09/15/17 2:32pm
Skimmerfest, the annual music festival that follows the first home Penn football game, promises free food, T-shirts and a live concert. 
09/14/17 8:56pm
"I want to encourage everyone here, whether this affects you directly or not, to show up for others; to show love and compassion because it means the world right now.”
09/14/17 9:00am
Last year, Penn’s chapter of Colleges Against Cancer and the Penn Society for International Development were denied funding for charity events. 
09/13/17 7:56pm
"A lot of universities put a lot of time and effort into freshmen, onboarding them, getting them acclimated to campus. Juniors and seniors have a lot of attention … sophomores are kind of the class that’s left behind."