03/16/17 6:33pm
According to the Washington Post, the foundation offered Florida State University millions of dollars under the stipulation that its Department of Economics would promote a free trade philosophy and consult the foundation when selecting faculty members.
03/15/17 8:53pm
After the 2016 presidential election, Chuang wanted to find ways to engage with her community. “I absolutely did not think that it would involve running for office,” she said.
03/15/17 4:25pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann announced the event in an email Wednesday. The event will take place March 30 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. and will be available online via an live webcast.
03/14/17 7:56pm
The Philadelphia march, one of over 350 marches that will take place across the United States from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., is intended to be a nonpartisan show of support for public policy based on scientific fact and celebration of the role science plays in our daily lives. 
03/13/17 9:02pm
Most of the conference was a question-and-answer session on how Casey plans to fight the Republican Congress members' plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act.
03/08/17 11:43pm
Former Utah governor and 1987 College graduate Jon Huntsman Jr. criticized Trump during his campaign, but will now serve as his ambassador to Russia.
03/06/17 8:38pm
Trump's policy, outlined in a new executive order released on Monday after the original version was blocked by several federal judges, bans travel from six majority-Muslim countries.
03/02/17 3:35pm
“We have a president of the United States who I believe is an authoritarian and someone who is eroding our democratic ideals, norms, and institutions,” McMullin said. “And there is an America need to stand up to that, and it’s not a conservative thing, it’s not a liberal thing.”
03/01/17 10:25pm
Susan Sorenson, who serves as a professor of social policy in the school of social policy and practice as well as the Director of the Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence, performed a study in partnership with the Philadelphia Police Department on over 35,000 cases of intimate partner violence.
03/01/17 3:46pm
Huntsman, a 1987 College graduate, was previously Governor of Utah and ambassador to China
03/01/17 10:45am
"Now more than ever interfaith dialogue is crucial,” Tzedek Co-Chair Hannah Deutsch said, referring to vandalism at a Jewish graveyard in Philadelphia on Feb. 26 and recent anti-Semitic activity elsewhere in the country.
02/28/17 10:25pm
After briefly poking fun at Biden’s appearances on the TV show Parks and Recreation and his ubiquity in the satirical news outlet The Onion, Gutmann opened by honoring Biden’s accomplishments.
02/28/17 9:16pm
When preachers set up signs on campus and chanted insults against gay people, Catholics and Jews, Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush recalled students complaining that the preachers were terrifying them and insisting that their actions had to be illegal. “It’s not,” Rush said.
02/28/17 8:38pm
“We celebrate and honor the region we travel to for the forum, so we will have some region-centric topics,” Wharton Executive Director of Alumni Relations Lizann Rode said.
02/28/17 8:24pm
“It was more parodying comedy about Trump than it was joking about Trump,” Bloom said. “We’re making fun of ourselves almost. It was on a meta-level about not touching Trump in the comedy world.”
02/28/17 12:22am
A Penn spokesperson said the Office of University Communications wasn't "able to have conversations around [Biden's] specific role until he left office four weeks ago, so details are still being ironed out."
02/27/17 10:37pm
“It is time to move forward with increased empathy and understanding,” the college’s statement read.
02/27/17 9:53pm
In a statement released prior to the event, Hillel condemned “these overt acts of hatred, which have no space on our campus or in our country.”
02/26/17 9:28pm
On Thursday, Caryl Stern, president and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF came to Houston Hall to speak about the state of the global refugee crisis.
02/24/17 10:33pm
In a blog post published Feb. 12 on the university’s website, Trinity Washington President Patricia McGuire wrote that Conway is "part of a team that thinks nothing of shaping and spreading a skein of lies as a means to secure power."