11/19/17 6:50pm
Do we need a major overhaul of the UC or does the UC just have a brand problem?
11/19/17 5:23pm
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla.
11/15/17 10:01pm
Celebrating Thanksgiving the “right way” shouldn’t be a litmus test for American-ness.
11/15/17 6:34pm
CLAUDIA LI is a College senior from Santa Clara, Calif.
11/15/17 6:32pm
SIYIN HAN is a College senior from Birmingham, Ala.
11/15/17 6:30pm
BRAD HONG is a College sophomore from Morristown, N.J.
11/14/17 10:36pm
CASSANDRA JOBMAN is a College freshman from Garland, Texas.
11/14/17 9:29pm
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we can all take a step back and reflect on what an amazing school Penn is, even if there’s room for improvement every now and then.
11/13/17 8:10pm
Kindness at Penn shouldn’t just be reserved for one week; it should be just as integral to our identities as our competitive spirits.
11/13/17 8:10pm
Maybe losing our otherwise well-defined sense of kindness is just a part of growing up.
11/13/17 8:09pm
We must come together in times to support one another when no one wants to recognize us and make sure that our various cultural communities are valued on campus. 
11/13/17 6:45pm
BEN CLAAR is a College junior from Scarsdale, N.Y.
11/12/17 11:34pm
Academia does not exist in a vacuum of the University; it is full of real people bringing their own real biases into this space. 
11/12/17 11:33pm
Asking students to decide what courses they are taking so early perpetuates a rather stressful pressure of outlining the exact trajectory of one’s academic progress — something that not everyone necessarily knows.
11/12/17 11:32pm
In similar fashion to its peers, Penn should allow approximately 50 students from the University of Puerto Rico to enroll tuition-free at Penn for the spring semester.
11/12/17 11:29pm
Despite the increase in popular support for tariffs and protectionism, encouraging trade remains the best framework for US foreign economic policy.
11/12/17 11:28pm
Our trade deals are ubiquitously outdated, hardly touching big data or any real form of data sharing, failing to adapt to the constantly technologically changing marketplace.
11/12/17 3:16pm
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla.
11/08/17 11:33pm
We encourage everyone around us to practice self-care, and then turn around and talk loudly about how we barely get any sleep because we were scrolling through Reddit for hours.
11/08/17 11:32pm
College is only a small part of our lives, and the lifelong friends we do make don’t have to come from these fleeting four years.