04/08/18 9:38pm
Some argue that the main crux of university is to take classes and earn a degree, and therefore, academic excellence is key to success. But, the purpose of university is to provide an education, and the purpose of education extends far beyond classroom learning.
04/05/18 2:47am
It’s easy to stand for a principle like the right to free speech when the speech in question poses no threat to oneself.
04/05/18 12:24am
The sheer number of articles I’ve read against aspects of Greek life is surprising in itself, but even more surprising is how few of those writers actually experienced what they claimed to understand. 
04/04/18 7:58pm
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla.
04/04/18 5:55pm
I am running for President because I’ve decided it is time that women get recognized for the work we’re doing. I’ve decided it is time that all of Class Board’s efforts, and the organizations we’ve partnered with, are acknowledged.
04/04/18 5:22pm
KRISTEN YEH is a College freshman from West Covina, Calif.
04/04/18 5:08pm
VERONICA FENTON is a College freshman from Penn Valley, Pa.
04/04/18 1:01am
This event does not promote the mutual respect needed to have a productive conversation on achieving peace in the region. 
04/03/18 11:54pm
I am Robert John Klopf III and I am running for President of Undergraduate Assembly not because I care about the UA, but because I love Penn.
04/03/18 11:31pm
When did we forget to think about what we like to study and stand our ground? When did we forget to think for ourselves?
04/03/18 12:37am
We are running for Undergraduate Assembly President and Vice President because we have the talent, vision, and perspective to represent and lead the student body.
04/02/18 2:30pm
We want you to elect us as your Undergraduate Assembly President and Vice President because we are the most passionate and most qualified candidates, and we will work hard for a better Penn.
04/02/18 2:13am
I want to tell them not to give themselves so easily to others because they’ll disappoint you in the end. I want to say, prepare yourselves for the storm.
04/01/18 11:59pm
Let’s demand more effective policy change from the administration — Penn can combat sexual assault without treating its students like minors.   
04/01/18 10:54pm
The controversies surrounding Donald Trump as a shady businessman, uncouth politician, groping womanizer, and increasingly failed president should be motivation enough for the University to take a bold stand.
03/29/18 2:02am
Christianity for me was not the end to the search for meaning, but rather, something that pointed me to where I should search.
03/29/18 1:32am
The night at the drag show showed me a new level of confidence I know I can adapt in my daily life.
03/28/18 8:36pm
The Pesach story is essential to an understanding of Jewish history and destiny, but some of its lessons would seem to be significant for anyone living through this frantic, globalized, postmodern moment.
03/27/18 10:55pm
SARAH KHAN is a College freshman from Lynn Haven, Fla.
03/27/18 10:10pm
Given that Dean Ruger has made claims about the grades of UPenn black students, he should make public the data that he submitted to the Law School Admissions Council.