01/31/18 11:40pm
ISSS will be located in a temporary office on the third floor of 3440 Market St, while its original  location at 3701 Chestnut St. undergoes anticipated months long renovations.
01/31/18 11:27pm
Philadelphia was named a finalist in Amazon's recent list of top 20 cities to build its new headquarters. 
01/31/18 6:57pm
“Right now in Harrisburg there aren’t enough women, there aren’t enough young people, there aren’t enough people of color, and there aren’t enough working people,” O’Mara said. 
01/31/18 6:40pm
“You have people doing very large amounts of work but making what amounts in many cases to poverty level wages. They’re one emergency away from not being able to continue with work, not being able to pay their bills, being potentially evicted.” 
01/31/18 8:00am
The website aims to streamline all of the University’s mental health resources, events, and news, and is one of the wellness initiatives announced after last October's Campus Conversation.
01/31/18 1:39am
The Penn Professional Staff Assembly sponsored a talk with the Provost as one of its two large open meetings of the academic year for staff members to discuss various University initiatives. 
01/31/18 1:16am
“Penn stands as a shameful exception among the Ivies,” Penn senior Zoe Weissberg said. “This is a practice that is inexcusable in Philadelphia, which still is the poorest big city in the nation."
01/30/18 11:54pm
Before becoming IRC's president, Miliband served as the United Kingdom foreign secretary from 2007 to 2010. At the event, Miliband explained the moral obligation to help refugees.
01/30/18 10:33pm
Outside of Penn, he has also worked as a journalist, written two history books for general audiences, and taught modern Middle East history at several local universities. 
01/30/18 7:22pm
Last year, only five of Penn's 27 fraternities met the attendance requirements for new member education programming, much of which addresses sexual assault and sexual health.
01/30/18 4:06pm
The Monday session will be conducted in English and the Wednesday session in Mandarin Chinese.
01/30/18 2:17pm
Days after the former Penn Trustee Steve Wynn was accused of sexual misconduct, the signage for the area named after him, 'Wynn Commons,' has been defaced with paint. 
01/30/18 10:00am
Last semester’s highly-publicized protests, rallies, and outreach efforts ultimately ended with no policy changes from Penn. 
01/30/18 8:00am
Two months after the announcement, a team of management experts from Penn Medicine has finished collecting data on the general operations of CAPS for the report.
01/29/18 10:18pm
This change breaks a 45-year-old precedent of Spring Fling taking place in the Quad and shortens the festivities to a single day in Penn Park instead of two. 
01/29/18 9:03pm
The building, located on the corner of 36th and Walnut Streets, will contain a 120-seat auditorium, classrooms, faculty offices, undergraduate study spaces, and conference rooms.
01/29/18 8:08pm
The proposed plan would increase border security, would end the current diversity visa lottery system, and would create a pathway to citizenship for those eligible for DACA.
01/29/18 8:00am
Since Trump assumed office, Tran said that the number of challenges to visa requests from the government has significantly increased and has made a difficult system even worse.
01/29/18 1:04am
According to Kathleen Shields Anderson, the Director of Operations & External Affairs for DPS, the robber took money from the store. 
01/28/18 10:25pm
Organizers expect over 250,000 guests to visit the 700,000-square-foot display floor over the course of the next week, influencing an estimated $3.5 billion in car sales.