09/27/17 8:54pm
“The guy that screws in the light bulb for the President of the University makes more than us, and we protect the whole university," said the Penn Police Association President.
09/27/17 8:39pm
“It’s particularly great to meet fellow Latinos in Philadelphia as I feel the Latino culture very strongly in my life," a student said. 
09/27/17 7:56pm
Online courseware sites, such as Khan Academy and Coursera have grown increasingly popular, but research shows that overusing these services can affect learning.
09/27/17 6:35pm
Sleep deprivation might help treat depression because it resets patient's circadian clock, an "internal clock." 
09/27/17 6:09pm
Less than three months after College sophomores Shane Goldstein and Vanessa Wanyandeh were elected to be the College Chairs for their Class Board, they transferred schools. 
09/27/17 5:52pm
“While Rod was the smartest guy in the room almost all the time, he never acted that way," said 1986 Wharton graduate Brad Klinck, who lived with Rosenstein in Ware College House. 
09/27/17 1:55pm
The suit alleges that the University exposed former Penn researcher Jeffrey Ware to high levels of radiation, causing him to develop brain cancer. Ware died from the cancer in 2011. 
09/27/17 1:14pm
Penn convened a task force last year in part to combat sexual violence. So how did that lead to $90/hr parties?
09/26/17 10:16pm
At ETH Zurich, eight counselors serve 20,000 students. At Penn, 45 clinical staff serve nearly 25,000 students. 
09/26/17 8:40pm
“I think the ask is pretty simple – for the University to make a legal fund and also to tell the students publicly that we stand behind you." 
09/26/17 8:09pm
"When [people] don’t have access to menstrual products, then they can’t go to school, they can’t function properly at jobs, they feel overall embarrassed." 
09/26/17 5:02pm
A vendor said that between higher costs and new taxes, the food trucks “had to make a change.”   
09/26/17 12:10am
 “In many respects, Arts and Sciences sits at the core of the University,” School of Arts and Sciences Dean Steven Fluharty said.  
09/25/17 11:36pm
“Wanted to get you to your goal! I’m so inspired by what you guys are doing. Love and thoughts to Puerto Rico and everyone affected by Hurricane Maria," Fallon wrote.  
09/25/17 7:54pm
"The Locus Initiative" offers students networking opportunities to encourage them to pledge a percentage of their time and salary to charities. 
09/25/17 5:44pm
Paul Miller's legacy as Trustees Chair and the driving force behind a $1 billion capital campaign for Penn was memorialized recently in a Penn Almanac feature.
09/25/17 5:34pm
A study by the food delivery service Grubhub ranked Penn the No. 1 healthiest school among all the campuses that Grubhub delivered to. 
09/24/17 10:54pm
The accidental breach of privacy is only likely to result in a "slap on the wrist" in terms of legal repercussions, lawyers say. 
09/24/17 10:28pm
It's clear that students are taking classes outside of their home schools, but more than six administrative offices said they had no information on what percentage of students were doing so, or what specific classes they were taking.   
09/24/17 9:18pm
Staff members at Penn Career Services are trained to connect LGBTQ+ students with employers and companies welcoming of different genders and sexualities.