02/21/18 9:21pm
For three weeks now, Penn has joined communities across the country to commemorate Black History Month. In light of the annual, month-long observance, The Daily Pennsylvanian dug into the University's archives to present a brief history of black students, faculty, and staff at Penn.
02/21/18 7:57pm
While many students say they enjoyed the class in the past, the competitive nature of the course, particularly its grading, drew criticism — prompting a redesigning of the curriculum. 
02/21/18 7:34pm
GET-UP’s decision is the latest in a string of similar moves at other colleges, where unionizing efforts have stalled due to fear that a GOP majority will soon take over the NLRB board and dismantle the Columbia precedent.
02/21/18 7:05pm
The study concluded that those who know more about evolution are more likely to accept it regardless of political or religious beliefs.
02/21/18 6:06pm
The diplomats reported experiencing many immediate symptoms such as hearing loss and headaches and later reported the emergence of others like fatigue and memory loss. 
02/21/18 11:34am
Attendees filled the space at the event titled “Reporting on Gender Violence in India," a discussion sponsored by the Penn South Asia Center and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.  
02/21/18 10:35am
Steyer, a former hedge fund manager turned Democratic donor, rose to prominence after embarking in October on a campaign to impeach President Trump.
02/21/18 2:38am
The talk primarily featured employees from Oculus, which emphasized the potential of virtual reality, as well as the diversity of applicants the companies are looking for. 
02/21/18 1:18am
Speaking for the first time on the issue since Penn made its announcement on Wynn and Cosby, Gutmann said the decision to rescind the honorary degrees was 'very logical.'
02/21/18 1:01am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spent some time with the Bernsteins during their stay and documented items in the apartment Bernstein left before returning home to California for the last time.
02/20/18 11:43pm
The GSE students also asked Penn faculty to sign a statement of support for the week of action and encouraged professors to incorporate Black Lives Matter principles into their coursework for that week.
02/20/18 9:16pm
Telehealth technology has been rapidly expanding to provide patients with immediate, attainable care.
02/20/18 7:48pm
The annual flu clinic held in Houston Hall saw its largest turnout in eight or nine years, Director of Campus Health Initiatives at Student Health Service Ashlee Halbritter said.
02/20/18 2:10pm
In Young Lee, a first-year medical PhD student, visited the Taco Bell on Saturday night and noticed that one of the cashiers had used a racial slur to describe him on his food receipt. 
02/19/18 10:51pm
Penn rescinded Wyn's honorary degree along with Bill Cosby's, reversing the University's 2015 position against revoking Cosby's degree. 
02/19/18 10:30pm
The use of CAPS' services by graduate students has increased from 12 percent in the 2016 - 2017 academic year to more than 17 percent for the current year. 
02/19/18 7:43pm
Taking application fee waivers into consideration, Penn made approximately $1,817,730 from application fees during this past 2017 admissions cycle.
02/19/18 5:40pm
The fintech startup, launched on Feb. 15, creates a marketplace in which students interested in taking out Income Share Agreements are connected with lenders.
02/18/18 8:40pm
One of the definitions of the word 'chink' in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is 'an insulting and contemptuous term for a person of Chinese birth or descent.'
02/18/18 7:40pm
The fourth annual conference included more than 350 first-generation and low-income students from over 20 colleges across the nation.