02/06/18 8:00am
“When you see those photos of the quad filled with people, and people jumping off the stage, and having fun, like that hasn’t actually happened since like five or six years ago," DaSilva said.
02/05/18 11:10pm
Penn took action against Penn grad Steve Wynn, removing his name from "Wynn Commons," removing his name from a scholarship, and revoking his honorary degree, after reports of sexual misconduct.
02/05/18 10:29pm
Part of an effort to start a conversation about the stresses of a hyper-competitive university, the distribution of the book has largely been praised by student-athletes at Harvard.
02/05/18 10:13pm
'In a year of political and social unrest where the fabric of what binds us together is being tested daily, the city of Philadelphia has a chance to come together,' reads the petition. 
02/05/18 3:55pm
The parade will 'tentatively' start near Broad Street and Pattison Avenue before heading north towards the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
02/05/18 8:00am
This ranking, which compares the top 100 full-time MBA programs, is calculated based on 20 different criteria compiled over three years. 
02/05/18 12:37am
Eagles fans were seen climbing traffic poles and moving vehicles in various states of undress. By midnight, cars had been turned over and multiple traffic poles had been taken down. 
02/04/18 9:38pm
This comes less than two weeks after Pennsylvania declared a statewide disaster emergency in response to the opioid crisis.
02/04/18 9:17pm
The 13-person group, entitled the “Education Nominating Panel,” was appointed by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney and given the task of nominating 27 potential BOE members. 
02/04/18 9:08pm
While these rules were intended to make the campus "safe and responsible," they often ended up imposing financial burdens on many organizations that couldn't afford the prices the new rules demanded.
02/04/18 7:32pm
To gauge reactions across campus and Philadelphia, The Daily Pennsylvanian dispatched reporters across the city to see how fans are responding. 
02/03/18 10:28pm
“We started planning much of this before a lot of these conversations became national focal points, so I’m glad that we have this ready,” said Malik Washington, the associate director of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education.
02/03/18 10:22pm
The plan implements a tax on the annual compensation of the five highest-paid employees in nonprofit groups — which at Penn constitutes three executives and puts at risk two of 13 academic medical professionals.
02/02/18 9:20pm
Jan. 23: A 32-year old woman was arrested after stealing between $50 and $200 worth of merchandise from the Last Word Bookstore.
02/02/18 9:13pm
The head of the police union was told by Rush that if Penn police officers were not happy with their current conditions that they could take their employment elsewhere. 
02/02/18 8:38pm
A 2015 report indicated that the sexual assault rate for women at Penn is 27 percent and 5 percent for male undergraduates.
02/02/18 6:30pm
Woodward entered his plea for not guilty and his bail was set for $5 million, five times the amount of the scheduled bail for the crime.
02/02/18 5:55pm
The 1959 Wharton graduate was president of the senior class and of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He was one of the prolific donors in the world, donating over $1 billion in his lifetime. 
02/02/18 3:25pm
Over the past year, since he was named a Penn prof., Biden has appeared at several events on campus, including a public conversation with Penn President Amy Gutmann in March 2017. 
02/02/18 2:10pm
While many student leaders applauded the administration for cutting ties with Wynn and Cosby, some want Penn to focus more on campus policies around sexual assault.