10/10/17 7:08pm
"[S]ocial circles can become constrained to those that live in those’s essentially dividing up students based on what they can and cannot pay for." 
10/10/17 4:01pm
The operation took place in "sanctuary cities," where municipal officials refuse to turn undocumented immigrants accused of nonviolent crimes over to federal customs authorities. 
10/10/17 3:00pm
Cariann Hithon, 22, is the third Temple University student to have died this semester. 
10/09/17 10:27pm
The class, "Topics in Sexuality and Gender Law," is taught by Suzanne Goldberg, who is responsible for addressing sexual assault on campus.
10/09/17 9:58pm
“Alumni will ask, ‘Oh, where in the Quad do you live?’ It’s been around for so long that everyone knows it’s the place to be," Ware resident and College freshman Zach Zamore said. 
10/09/17 9:09pm
Hint: former President Barack Obama makes a romantic appearance to commemorate the couple's 25th wedding anniversary.
10/09/17 8:45pm
As Director of Penn Libraries, Rogers introduced the Weigle Information Commons, the Kislak Center for Special Collections and the Moelis Grand Reading Room.
10/09/17 4:00pm
The deans of each undergrad school had previously been able to choose whether or not to inform their constituent faculty members, leaving swaths of faculty uninformed of student deaths. 
10/09/17 1:14pm
"It’s been known for some time that gun violence, like many other forms of crime and other social problems, can be clustered within certain neighborhoods."
10/08/17 9:28pm
While it's common for a university of Penn's size to employ a private police force, Penn has more than triple the number of sworn officers than its closest neighboring institution in Philadelphia. 
10/08/17 8:10pm
A Penn student who witnessed the incident said she was “livid there was no alert” sent out to the Penn community, especially because the man was let go by police. 
10/08/17 7:50pm
Various competitions have been set up inviting students to make arguments for Philadelphia to be made the home of the tech giant's next headquarters. 
10/08/17 7:35pm
Gutmann said the Task Force’s “overarching” goal had been to keep students safe from all types of harm, from sexual assault to “falling behind in their studies.” 
10/08/17 7:11pm
Penn publicizes its general, undergraduate acceptance rate each year, but does not release the precise admissions statistics governing internal transfers or dual degrees. 
10/08/17 6:50pm
In a survey taken in 2015, 42.4 percent of female Penn graduate students who responded said they have been victims of sexual harassment.
10/08/17 5:23pm
Hayley Geftman-Gold, a top lawyer at CBS who graduated from the College in 1997, was fired after posting on Facebook that she wasn't sympathetic for victims of the Las Vegas shooting.
10/06/17 3:04am
Launched this semester, the Anti-Violence Engagement Network has already formed partnerships with Penn Democrats, Sigma Nu fraternity and Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention. 
10/04/17 7:41pm
Members of Penn's Latinx community are determined to make the events surrounding Latinx Heritage Month this year an opportunity both for celebration and for support. 
10/04/17 6:42pm
Some Penn students are going as part of their work for Rough Draft Ventures, a venture capital company that supports entrepreneurship at the university level. 
10/03/17 6:37pm
With campus in an uproar over policy changes affecting how and where students can party, The Daily Pennsylvanian outlined the history underlying the recent crackdown on unregistered social events.