10/08/17 6:50pm
In a survey taken in 2015, 42.4 percent of female Penn graduate students who responded said they have been victims of sexual harassment.
10/08/17 5:23pm
Hayley Geftman-Gold, a top lawyer at CBS who graduated from the College in 1997, was fired after posting on Facebook that she wasn't sympathetic for victims of the Las Vegas shooting.
10/06/17 3:04am
Launched this semester, the Anti-Violence Engagement Network has already formed partnerships with Penn Democrats, Sigma Nu fraternity and Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention. 
10/04/17 7:41pm
Members of Penn's Latinx community are determined to make the events surrounding Latinx Heritage Month this year an opportunity both for celebration and for support. 
10/04/17 6:42pm
Some Penn students are going as part of their work for Rough Draft Ventures, a venture capital company that supports entrepreneurship at the university level. 
10/03/17 6:37pm
With campus in an uproar over policy changes affecting how and where students can party, The Daily Pennsylvanian outlined the history underlying the recent crackdown on unregistered social events. 
10/03/17 1:19pm
“Whenever perfection is driving you, shame is riding shotgun,” said Brene Brown, a professor at  the University of Houston who has spent the past 16 years studying vulnerability. 
10/02/17 10:19pm
The fellowships are part of Penn's growing efforts to engage its Philadelphia neighbors and are funded by a $2 million endowment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
10/01/17 10:27pm
The top quiz, titled “Choose Some Fall Things And We'll Tell You Which Taylor Swift You're Most Like,” gained almost 300,000 views. 
10/01/17 9:52pm
Students have to take additional classes and make changes to their academic load for a visa. Even then, various companies might reject them for being international. 
10/01/17 9:24pm
Some higher education experts said the new platform may just add to the list of things prospective students have to do, instead of easing the admissions process.  
10/01/17 8:19pm
Of the 24 Event Observers, about one-third are Penn graduate and professional students; another third are staff members, and the final third are individuals affiliated with Penn.
10/01/17 8:10pm
A student said Penn Police have disrupted various events at off-campus locations, including  an "ice-cream social" where there was no alcohol. 
10/01/17 7:08pm
As the rooms were set ablaze, Upper Merion Chief Fire Marshal John Waters said, “Keep in mind, this could be your living room, your bedroom." 
10/01/17 6:55pm
“I think it’s great timing. It’s the start of midterm season, we’re in the height of OCR, we have a lot of stuff we can get out right here."
09/30/17 7:13pm
Members of the Undergraduate Assembly initially proposed having CIS count towards students' language requirements. 
09/30/17 7:00pm
"If we just stay on our campus, then we're not really doing anything to help the larger community. We have to use our power and privilege as Penn students."
09/30/17 6:08pm
The annual conference was geared toward underclassmen who are less likely to be going through on-campus recruiting, organizers said. 
09/29/17 1:34pm
Persian literature professor Fatemeh Shams has been separated seemingly indefinitely from her Iranian parents, both of whom are poor in health. 
09/29/17 7:55am
 “If you’re working a lot, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about and something you’re excited about."