06/03/18 10:09pm
Pedrotty, who was from Cockeysville, Maryland, majored in Biology with a minor in Anthropology at Penn, before becoming a PhD student studying molecular cancer biology at Duke University.
06/03/18 9:57pm
“There is only one working STALL accessible to women on this floor (not just 1 restroom, but only 1 stall),” the flyer said. “There are no gender-neutral bathrooms at all, but there are three separate men’s RESTROOMS — that’s ridiculous.” 
06/03/18 8:10pm
Tuition for summer classes varies across the different schools, from $4,224 for courses in the College to $5,550 for those in Wharton. 
06/02/18 12:41pm
The 2018 ranking, which extracted data from the the Wealth-X Billionaire Census 2018, showed that Penn issued 64 degrees to now-billionaires. 
05/30/18 10:44pm
Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley sentenced Mill to two to four years in prison in November 2017 and repeatedly denied Mill bail, prompting the proliferation of the nationwide #FreeMeekMill movement.
05/29/18 8:58pm
The lawsuit, filed on May 22nd, alleges that the hospital had submitted invalid claims to receive a total of $9 million from a state-funded program.
05/28/18 10:40pm
Thirty institutions are now part of the Sponsored Academic Research Agreement, including Harvard University, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Cornell University.
05/28/18 4:40pm
Every year, two student applicants from Penn are selected for the fellowship, one in conjunction with Penn’s Middle East Center and the other through the South Asia Center. 
05/27/18 8:40pm
According to Penn Medicine News, this breakthrough lead by Penn Pathology and Laboratory professor Virginia Lee's group, is speculated to allow for targeted therapies to help those with these disorders.
05/27/18 11:07am
A recent Crunchbase News analysis looked at the university affliations of the CEOs of startups that have raised at least a million dollars in the past year. 
05/26/18 11:16pm
A group of 11 cannabis growers and dispensaries put a temporary stop to the program when they contested it in court. 
05/22/18 10:13pm
The suspect, a black male in his 30s, seen wearing a tan jacket, black gloves, a white hat, and sunglasses, is still at large.
05/20/18 7:14pm
The American Bar Association reported that 90.6 percent of Penn Law’s 2017 graduating class have jobs that require passing the bar, far surpassing the national law school average of 69 percent.
05/20/18 6:59pm
Six Penn alumni were up for election on May 15, and three out of the four victorious primary candidates ran uncontested in their races.
05/17/18 10:11pm
The announcement comes several months after the current Vice Provost and Director of Libraries Carton Rogers announced his retirement in Oct. 2017. 
05/14/18 6:41pm
The operation utilized robotic surgery techniques invented at Penn to remove benign and malignant tumors of the mouth and throat.
05/14/18 11:01am
The survey was based on overall quality of food, curb appeal, cleanliness, and value for money spent.
05/07/18 1:48am
The alert indicated that the suspect was last seen inside the hotel, but that police were on the scene and patrolling the area.
05/06/18 5:24pm
Dr. Oz of 'The Dr. Oz Show' has come under controversy for his contentious medical opinions and what some physicians term a 'disdain for science and for evidence-based medicine.'
05/06/18 4:02pm
Both the Philadelphia Police Department and Temple Police are investigating the homicide, and Temple’s announcement noted the investigators “do not believe that this was a random act.”