02/10/18 8:56pm
While the city has yet to release official data on the crowd size, estimates suggest at least 3 million people braved the wind chills to catch a glimpse of the winning team. 
02/10/18 8:41pm
Wilson was the first woman ever to translate the entirety of Homer's "Odyssey" into English, and she received widespread acclaim for the contemporary translation.
02/09/18 6:36pm
Andrea Mitchell has a decades-long career in political journalism and in 2017 received the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Women’s Media Foundation.
02/09/18 5:16pm
On Jan. 30,  the concrete sign of Wynn Commons was vandalized with black paint. This comes after reports of former trustee Steve Wynn engaging in a pattern of sexual misconduct.
02/09/18 4:56pm
The celebration marked the official opening of the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, but the center's "soft opening" took place in March 2017.
02/09/18 1:13pm
The club aims to help and train students to build a dog-raising community for the non-profit organization Canine Companion Independence.
02/08/18 9:21pm
Every year, the day long programming gives students a glimpse of the life they will experience on Penn’s campus in a few short months.
02/08/18 9:15pm
Amid the sea of green that spread across City Center this Thursday, some attendees designed and brought some signs that stood out from the crowd. 
02/08/18 9:13pm
Stores on campus from Wawa to Dunkin Donuts saw a dramatic surge of customers before and after the parade. 
02/08/18 8:46pm
“My biggest concern right now is the impact on the drop deadline because we really like to get an exam back to students so they can see it and get a score before that,” Math professor Henry Towsner said.
02/08/18 8:25pm
The study found that the group with a higher weight bias internalization were three times more likely to have metabolic issues and a six-fold increase in high triglycerides.
02/08/18 8:05pm
According to Tech Times, Penn researchers anticipate vast applications for this recent discovery including treatment for patients who suffer from traumatic brain injuries or Alzheimer’s disease, among other ailments.
02/08/18 7:51pm
From a former refugee and a 75-year-old lifetime Eagles fan to a Penn graduate with his family of six, here are the stories of the people at the historic Super Bowl celebration this Thursday. 
02/08/18 1:58pm
PAGE Programming Chair Tanya Jain said PAGE decided to host the discussion in light of the recent rush process and campus discussion around it. 
02/08/18 12:01pm
School officials launched the investigation into the fraternity in 2017 after receiving multiple reports about the contest.
02/08/18 11:44am
Can't make it to the parade? Local news has you covered.
02/08/18 10:26am
It took teamwork and dedication to turn the Eagles into Super Bowl champions, and these are just a few of the talented stars who made this championship run possible.
02/08/18 9:39am
The parade extended from Lincoln Financial Field stadium to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and approximately three million people were expected to be in attendance, though no official data was since released.
02/08/18 8:00am
Penn raised $626 million in 2017, falling behind Harvard University and Cornell University.
02/07/18 10:23pm
The goal of the program is to “expose students to the practice of criminology,” Ridgeway said, whether the speaker be a former prisoner or a police officer.