03/15/18 8:33pm
Although Brown, Princeton, and Yale have reclassified economics as a STEM major, which helps international students work in the U.S. longer, Penn hasn't followed in their footsteps. 
03/15/18 7:35pm
Over 100 single-stall bathrooms in academic buildings meet the criteria set by LGBT Center Director Erin Cross to become gender-neutral bathrooms, Facilities and Real Estate Services and Cross determined last year.
03/15/18 7:17pm
In a 2015 editorial, three Penn bioethicists argued for the resurrection of the asylum in its 19th Century iteration, as a place for the mentally ill to get long term care in a safe environment. 
03/15/18 6:08pm
The Penn Wharton Budget Model became the latest target of Trump's ire when its economists found themselves in a back-and-forth with the White House over Trump's infrastructure plan. 
03/15/18 4:22pm
The 63-year-old doctor faces multiple counts of rape against a 45-year-old woman who had called a sexual-abuse hotline and reported that Cruciani assaulted her between the years 2005 and 2012.
03/14/18 9:05pm
In December 2017, the group released a report which discovered that 20 of the 28 Penn trustees the group investigated held slaves and had ties to the slave trade.
03/15/18 4:09pm
Lehigh's Title IX Coordinator investigated the incident and the proposed charges. They were then found responsible for hazing and failure to report any violations. 
03/15/18 3:40pm
Researchers from from Penn, Columbia, UCLA, Rutgers, and the United States Forest Service collaborated to conduct the study using randomly selected vacant lots in Philadelphia. 
03/14/18 11:08pm
At Penn, Elizabeth Windram studied Operation & Information Management and Marketing, receiving an MBA from Wharton in 2009.
03/14/18 7:57pm
The first of its kind since 1969, the teach-in will focus on "the production, dissemination, and use of knowledge." 
03/14/18 7:26pm
Camika Royal spoke for this year's Alvin P. Gutman Public Scholar Lecture, an annual Civic House event that invites a noted scholar to inspire guests to actively seek social change. 
03/14/18 7:02pm
When SmartAsset began the study in 2015, Philadelphia was ranked ninth, but slid down to 15th place in 2016 and then 10th in 2017. 
03/14/18 5:55pm
According to TechCrunch's data, 225 venture capitalists received either a graduate or undergraduate degree from Penn.
03/14/18 8:49am
The race, considered a "bellwether" for the November midterm elections, has captured national attention in recent months.
03/14/18 1:44am
On Monday, the University notified the students affected via email that their personal information had been accessed and that an investigation was ongoing. 
03/13/18 11:10pm
The hallmark of the evening occurred when Mill called and spoke to the audience from the SCI — Chester in Delaware County.
03/13/18 10:57pm
The defense team for Yale student Saifullah Khan has come under intense criticism for using 'victim-blaming' tactics on the stand. 
03/13/18 10:29pm
Neighboring Swarthmore College, which is located just 20 minutes away from Penn's campus, was selected as the institution with the third most 'best value' education. 
03/13/18 9:55pm
This year marks Alexander's 19th year at CAPS, where he has been the director since 2009. Rose has worked at Penn's Career Services for nearly 40 years, serving as director since 1982. 
03/13/18 6:48pm
The announcement came days after the launch of a petition calling on Penn Law's dean to take action against Wax for stating that black students have never graduated top of their class.