8 hours ago
ProPublica has obtained roughly 250,000 encrypted messages exchanged between members of AtomWaffen Division, the Neo-Nazi hate group linked to Bernstein's death.  
11 hours ago
The purpose of the line is to “better understand the policies, processes and procedures in place from the perspective of the individual who has to go through [sexual misconduct],” Philadelphia Controller Rebecca Rhynhart said.
13 hours ago
Berkowitz argued the only way that trauma can be stopped from spreading is by implementing stronger laws on the event’s “vectors” or causes of gun violence — guns and bullets.
02/22/18 8:07pm
Penn is the target of 3.2 percent of the recruitment and hiring efforts of major firms including Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup, reported Business Insider on Tuesday.
02/22/18 7:56pm
Dozens accused 1963 College graduate and former trustee Steve Wynn of sexual misconduct, prompting Penn to remove his name from "Wynn Commons" and to rescind his honorary degree.
02/22/18 5:11pm
Feb. 9: A theft which resulted in losses of over $200 was reported in the afternoon at Levin Hall. The police arrested a suspect.
02/22/18 2:38pm
'What Can't Be Debated on Campus' was published in The Wall Street Journal and explores the 'unreasoned speech' Wax encountered in response to her original Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed.
02/22/18 2:04pm
The "Why We Haze" event included small groups that discussed topics ranging from the role of alcohol in hazing and the impact of Penn's anti-hazing policies.   
02/22/18 1:45pm
At noon today, students with umbrellas flanked both sides of Locust Walk holding up white paper signs, each with the date, location, and number of deaths from a mass shooting. 
02/22/18 12:05am
A day before the Open Forum, Pritchett said he hadn't heard significant criticism of Penn's policies on reporting sexual assault but that the U. was 'going to continue to ask that question.'
02/21/18 11:57pm
In reference to recent controversy over gerrymandering and the Pennsylvania Congressional Map, Ellsworth said she would also create a bi-partisan committee of citizens to draw the map. 
02/21/18 9:21pm
For three weeks now, Penn has joined communities across the country to commemorate Black History Month. In light of the annual, month-long observance, The Daily Pennsylvanian dug into the University's archives to present a brief history of black students, faculty, and staff at Penn.
02/21/18 11:34am
Attendees filled the space at the event titled “Reporting on Gender Violence in India," a discussion sponsored by the Penn South Asia Center and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.  
02/02/18 6:30pm
Woodward entered his plea for not guilty and his bail was set for $5 million, five times the amount of the scheduled bail for the crime.
02/21/18 7:57pm
While many students say they enjoyed the class in the past, the competitive nature of the course, particularly its grading, drew criticism — prompting a redesigning of the curriculum. 
02/21/18 7:34pm
GET-UP’s decision is the latest in a string of similar moves at other colleges, where unionizing efforts have stalled due to fear that a GOP majority will soon take over the NLRB board and dismantle the Columbia precedent.
02/21/18 7:05pm
The study concluded that those who know more about evolution are more likely to accept it regardless of political or religious beliefs.
02/21/18 6:06pm
The diplomats reported experiencing many immediate symptoms such as hearing loss and headaches and later reported the emergence of others like fatigue and memory loss. 
02/21/18 10:35am
Steyer, a former hedge fund manager turned Democratic donor, rose to prominence after embarking in October on a campaign to impeach President Trump.
02/21/18 2:38am
The talk primarily featured employees from Oculus, which emphasized the potential of virtual reality, as well as the diversity of applicants the companies are looking for.