Guest Columns

01/20/16 11:29pm

David Hartman | Powerball lottery

There is a line of reasoning that goes as follows: playing the Powerball lottery may not make much financial sense, but the joy you get from dreaming about winning over a billion dollars is well worth the $2.
01/18/16 8:16pm

Guest column by Alex Miller | An apology on behalf of my people

The idea that Donald Trump speaks for white American men or Wharton grads or even all Republicans is absurd. Equally absurd is the idea that the beliefs and dispositions of all Muslims are represented by the images and videos of terrorists we are constantly exposed to in our media feeds.
12/03/15 1:02am

Guest Column by Caroline Simon | On Penn, feminism and chubby-cheeked babies

As I realize what I am about to say, I can practically feel the earth shake as bra-burners of days gone by turn in their graves.
11/30/15 12:41am

Guest Column by the Hamlett-Reed Mental Health Initiative | Thank you, Penn

After three months of deliberation, Penn administrators have agreed to take substantial steps forward in making Penn a healthier campus.
11/30/15 12:39am

Guest Column by Andrew Amarosa | Everybody's space

I don’t get why, as Americans, we have become so terrified of people speaking their minds simply because it may offend someone.
11/20/15 3:00pm
“Death is not a conclusion.” These are words I heard and wrote down a few weeks ago, when I watched Jean-Luc Godard’s film  “Contempt.” Today, they resonate more than ever.
11/16/15 1:01am
It was supposed to be an ordinary Friday of going out with friends and enjoying city I have come to call home these past months.
11/10/15 11:04pm

Guest column by Isabella Auchus | A letter to President Gutmann

While we understand that you find the survey results deeply troubling, many students have shared that the manner in which the results were addressed made them feel more like statistics than people.
10/27/15 11:20pm
Penn employees cook your meals, these employees haul your trash. These employees teach your students, they collect your scientific data, they clear leaves on Locust Walk.
10/27/15 11:15pm
Recently, negative talk surrounding fraternities and sororities raises questions about why we are relevant.
10/17/15 11:13pm
No, one is not an oppressor of an entire race if they disagree with one aspect of it. We need to really push back on how we assess guilt and blame in writing because it will fall on deaf ears when they become hyperboles rather than sincere grievances.
10/17/15 12:13pm
The University of Michigan announced a new initiative last week that it intends to test next year that states that parents of any freshman in the Class of 2019 caught drinking underage on two occasions or hospitalized on one occasion will be notified of their child’s actions.
10/14/15 12:31am
Like many Penn students, I was not surprised to read in the October 12 edition of The Daily Pennsylvanian that President Gutmann’s salary has risen yet again, this time to an astounding $3,426,106.
09/28/15 10:27pm
How do you tell someone that you are a rape survivor? Why is the burden of telling placed on the victim of the crime?
09/24/15 1:19am
There is no denying Pope Francis has proven to be a significant global voice, and not just for Catholics.
09/24/15 1:18am
The pope is coming to Philadelphia this weekend. Some may opt to hide from the crowds inside the corner of their dorm room.
09/21/15 12:15am
I suppose I should be grateful that the conversation on campus has changed. I suppose I should be grateful that, unlike 19 year-old me sitting in a hospital full of shame, Penn students have a better chance to be heard and get the care they need when it comes to mental health.
09/21/15 12:14am
In the book "Distinction," Pierre Bourdieu defines social and cultural capital as social resources which confer power and status in society.
08/20/15 10:22am
As a sophomore studying computer science, I am not the first person to acknowledge that the coursework of the School of Engineering and Applied Science is difficult.
06/17/15 11:12pm
Throughout the last month of the spring semester, anti-Muslim advertisements were carried throughout Philadelphia’s neighborhoods on dozens of SEPTA buses. The message they offered, “Islamic Jew Hatred: It’s in the Quran” is a false one, tailored to incite prejudice and division among viewers and the community.
06/03/15 10:22pm
A few weeks ago, 34th Street published an article detailing some aspects of cocaine use at our University. The story failed to make the connection between consumption in our own sheltered environment, and the violent drug cartels in developing countries that supply the drug.
05/28/15 7:04am
The seniors of the Vietnamese Student Association have taken great time to collect all accounts of what happened during the VSA Barbecue on April 17 in order to create a clear timeline of events.
04/29/15 11:35pm
When my friend, Sayid Abdullaev, approached me to apply for the University of Pennsylvania’s inaugural President’s Engagement Prizes — a $100,000 grant awarded annually to Penn seniors to design and implement local, national, or global engagement projects during the first year after graduation — I hesitated.
04/28/15 10:57pm

Guest Column by Dillon Weber and Aidan McConnell | Seeking engagement not divisiveness

We hoped that SOUL’s aim would be to contribute to an expansion of intellectual diversity and meaningful exchange regarding issues of race and power structures on campus and in the world around us. With the benefit of hindsight, however, we can unfortunately observe that this hope has been dashed.
04/28/15 10:55pm

Guest column by Emmanuel Cordova | Undocumented medical students: Opening the doors and addressing health disparities

Granting medical school admission to undocumented students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) like myself has the potential to alleviate the declining Latino physician workforce.
04/26/15 11:58pm
A few hours after the weekend ended and our tired bodies were flinged/flang/flung out, curious friends pelted us with the same question: "What’s Fling like for MERT?" Our answer to this question is always the same: "organized chaos." But also, as far as our positions are concerned, "you have no idea." It’s no rumor that Fling weekend is MERT’s busiest.
04/22/15 11:19pm
In last Tuesday’s Toe the Line, Carter Skeel argued that Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act is a reasonable law.
04/21/15 11:56pm
The right to vote is sacrosanct in the United States, and the attack on voting rights is a fundamental threat to American democracy.
04/19/15 11:08pm
Africa is a diverse continent, with a great number of political, economic and cultural strides being taken, in line with the “Africa rising” narrative.
04/13/15 10:30pm
Here at Penn, it’s all too easy to get caught up in our immediate to-do list. In 2016, our campus will be caught up in our foremost national duty: electing the 45th President of the United States.