10/17/16 9:41pm
In their first Ivy League game of the year, Penn football took on Dartmouth, a team that shared the conference title with the Quakers in 2015.
10/17/16 9:41pm
Another week, another standout performance by a Penn offensive player. Junior running back Tre Solomon had the best performance of his career Saturday vs.
10/15/16 7:08pm
Much like Al Bagnoli's last time coaching at Franklin Field, things went poorly for Al Bagnoli on Saturday.
10/15/16 5:28pm
While Penn football was up 7-0 at halftime in Saturday's game against Columbia at Franklin Field, the Lions' band made a fierce attack at the home team.
10/12/16 9:57pm
This weekend, for the first of four times, Penn Athletics will be hosting a fan fest before a sporting event.
10/12/16 9:57pm
Forgive Penn football coach Ray Priore if he doesn’t want to address the elephant in the room. “I’ll be quite honest with you, I really don’t give much thought to it,” the second-year head coach said.
10/12/16 9:54pm
The most interesting thing about this weekend’s Penn-Columbia football game is going to be the memories.
10/10/16 11:29pm
If Penn football had two faces, they would be senior quarterback Alek Torgersen and junior wide receiver Justin Watson.
10/10/16 11:29pm
Penn football looks good right now. After the Quakers started off 0-2, the Dartmouth game was over before halftime, and Central Connecticut State proved to be the non-conference softie we suspected they might be. There are just six Ivy games left in the season, and it’s hard to imagine feeling as though the Quakers could realistically be in a much better spot than they current are.
10/08/16 7:45pm
Inside the Quakers’ locker room, there was only one focus: just win. Behind three total touchdowns from quarterback Alek Torgersen and a breakout performance from defensive lineman Louis Vecchio, the Red and Blue did just that, taking control early and holding on for a 28-16 win.
10/05/16 4:14pm
Former Penn football tight end Ryan O’Malley was added to the Oakland Raiders 53-man roster Wednesday, making him the second Penn alum on an active NFL roster. The move — first reported by Penn Athletics — clears the way for O’Malley to make his NFL debut this Sunday at home vs.
10/04/16 10:41pm
It may just be Central Connecticut State, but the Quakers, who are reeling after taking down Dartmouth for the first time since 2013, are approaching Saturday’s contest like it’s any other game. “In our progression they’re game number four,” coach Ray Priore said.
10/03/16 10:54pm
The preseason hype surrounding Penn football was unreal – 13 returning starters from a championship team will do that.
10/02/16 11:52pm
Forget the first two games of the season. Penn football plays higher-caliber teams at the beginning of every year.
09/30/16 11:06pm
Well, that was an emphatic start. Using a physical, ground-heavy attack centered around junior running back Tre Solomon, Penn football scored early and often in a 37-24 shellacking of fellow Ivy co-champion Dartmouth Friday night.
09/29/16 12:41am
Yes, Dartmouth went on to take the title, sharing it with Penn and Harvard after going 6-1 in conference play. But fast forward to this year.
09/26/16 10:40pm
The Good: After ending the first half with a sizable, the Quakers gained momentum with a powerful performance by Tre Solomon.
09/24/16 8:32pm
In a turnover-ridded, mistake-filled game, Fordham managed to make fewer costly errors en route to a 31-17 defeat of the Quakers.
09/20/16 11:54pm
Ask any civilian on the street who the nation’s premier power couple is, and you’ll probably get some varied responses; Kim and Kanye, Beyonce and Jay-Z and Brad and Angelina are among many names that might get thrown out there. But within the realm of Penn Athletics, the answer is quite simple: Bob and Juli.
09/19/16 12:23am
On Saturday evening, Penn football showed that they are a good Ivy League team, just not a great FCS team.