Staff Editorials

06/09/11 3:25am

Editorial | Hurrah, Beer Week

Philadelphia Beer Week highlights Philadelphia's history and culture.
06/02/11 2:42am

Editorial | CAPS’ tech potential

Counseling and Psychological Services should use online diagnostics to help students and to alleviate pressure on the department.
05/26/11 3:03am

Editorial | The MBA gender gap

Wharton has led peer schools in female enrollment in MBA programs, but it still has not achieved an equal gender ratio.
04/26/11 5:20am

Cheers and Jeers | Spring 2011

Read a list of the best and the worst things that happened at Penn this semester in The Daily Pennsylvanian’s semiannual recap.
04/22/11 8:04am
The response the community has shown over the past few days signifies that we are capable of confronting difficult issues rarely addressed on a campus-wide scale.
04/18/11 4:45am

Editorial | Meaningless sections

While the controversial Fling seating policy was intended to increase the safety of concertgoers, it was ultimately ineffective in achieving its goal.
04/15/11 12:58am

Editorial | Previewing Fling

Spring Fling is both a fantastic and ill-fated time for prospective students to visit campus during Penn Preview Days.
04/14/11 4:55am

Editorial | A teachable moment

Let’s use Yale’s Title IX investigation to discuss the issue of sexual misconduct at Penn and at college campuses nationwide.
04/13/11 4:40am

Editorial | Prep for the future

The Grad Prep Academy is a great way of addressing the lack of diversity among college faculty and should be replicated at other universities.
04/12/11 5:05am

Editorial | A genetic history

Penn’s gene-therapy program has come a long way since its inception more than 20 years ago and forged the path for many innovative breakthroughs.
04/11/11 4:53am

Editorial | Half-baked changes

Penn's modifications to the dining plan program do nothing to address the problems underpinning the structure of the program.
04/08/11 4:20am

Editorial | Not worth the wait

We’re pleased with the smaller size of the waitlist for Penn’s Class of 2015 — down from 3,500 students two years ago to 2,400 this year.
04/05/11 8:26am

Joke issue: Editorial | ‘DP’ drinking game

As a sequel to our 2011 State of the Union Drinking Game, here’s another drinking game to make your daily perusal of the ‘DP’ a little more exciting.
04/04/11 5:38am

Editorial | Decreased diversity

On April 4, the DP published an editorial based on incorrect data. The article has been retracted.
03/29/11 4:49am

Editorial | Our UA endorsements

The Daily Pennsylvanian announces its endorsements for Undergraduate Assembly president and vice president.
03/28/11 5:15am

UA candidate guest columns

Presidential and vice presidential hopefuls write about their visions for student government, what they can offer the student body and why you should vote for them.
03/23/11 7:56am

Editorial | A pick close to home

Although Denzel Washington's conspicuous connection to the University may give pause to some, he is an admirable choice for commencement speaker.
03/22/11 7:35am

Editorial | The cost of calculators

A federal mandate commendably aims to give families a better sense of the overall costs of college, but its method for achieving the goal is misguided.
03/18/11 5:33am

Editorial | Extend the engagement

The organizers of Alternate Spring Break should be more active in fostering civic engagement and continuing the dialogue after the trips end.
03/15/11 4:38am

Editorial | Spruce St. curse

Taglio will be replaced by the Asian-inspired TBowl, which we hope has more luck than the other eateries that have occupied 3716 Spruce St.