Staff Editorials

04/18/13 12:46am

Editorial | Get the Fling out

We’re not saying underage drinking is not a crime and that certain persons are above the law. We are saying that the police weren’t enforcing the law — they were enforcing Fling.
12/05/12 1:56am

Editorial | Don’t settle for settling

Penn should have exercised its authority by addressing the building violations in a more proactive manner.
11/30/12 1:41am

Editorial | The importance of being interviewed

Penn will be relying on you to achieve its goal of interviewing all applicants by 2015. So sign up as soon as you graduate.
11/20/12 1:34am

Editorial | Objectivity: lost in the fray

While pro-Israel and pro-Palestine students have condemned the killing of civilians on these very pages, they’ve also voiced seemingly irreconcilable views on the conflict. No resolution or coalition will be achieved unless students on both sides of the aisle are willing to listen to each other.
11/13/12 1:30am

Editorial | Feeling safe on Locust Walk

Dephanie Jao’s encounter happened on Locust Walk around 9:40 p.m. Sexual assaults happen to one in four college women in the United States.
11/07/12 3:05am

Editorial | Penn leads the (provisional) vote

Voting shouldn’t be an uphill battle. It should be an easy process — one that unites the country and invites everyone to have a say.
11/05/12 2:25am

Endorsement | Pennsylvania candidates

The Daily Pennsylvanian endorses Bob Casey Jr. for Congress, Kathleen Kane for Attorney General, Robert McCord for State Treasurer and Eugene DePasquale for Auditor General
11/05/12 2:16am

Endorsement | Are we there yet?

We’re voting for Obama to be on the right side of history — to stand behind policies that respond to this country’s place in an increasingly globalized community.
10/31/12 1:37am

Editorial | Staying safe through Sandy

While Sandy left our campus largely unscathed, the University was prepared for much worse.
10/16/12 1:35am

Editorial | Race matters, at least for now

Affirmative action has its flaws. But it is the only tried and true method to achieve the same diversity that we currently see in higher education.
10/12/12 1:41am

Editorial | Safeguarding our systems

Since our lives are inextricably tied to technology, learning to secure data will pay huge dividends in the future.
10/10/12 1:42am

Editorial | A moratorium on mismanagement

Beyond the obvious drawback of preventing new groups from enlivening the extracurricular scene, the moratorium is an embarrassment to Penn.
07/25/12 10:18pm

Editorial | NCAA was fair in its punishment

While detractors have criticized the unprecedented nature of the penalty against Penn State, the response was justified by the unprecedented nature of an atrocity enabled by a culture of football worship.
07/18/12 9:30pm

Editorial | Sexual violence and fair decisions

On Tuesday, Penn announced a rewriting of the sexual violence policy. We commend Penn on the revision, in particular the updates to its definitions — which include a more detailed definition of consent — and the inclusion of a list of support resources for victims of sexual violence.
07/11/12 9:47pm

Editorial | Student debt solutions

With a student debt crisis mounting — Americans owe more student loan debt than credit card debt — and college tuition continuing to rise, the bleeding must be stopped.
07/04/12 3:05am

Editorial | Health care now and ahead

As the election season heats up, the Supreme Court has left it to the voters to decide whether the Affordable Care Act is good policy — or whether it unjustly punishes people for inactivity. While there are short-term benefits for students, the long-term consequences are yet to be seen.
06/20/12 10:12pm

Editorial | Defining diversity

Penn has made significant strides in closing the achievement gap. Despite progress that has been reported, however, the University must not become complacent. There is still work to be done, and the University must constantly revise its programs to attract the best and brightest, regardless of background.
06/13/12 9:52pm

Editorial | Soda ban not too sweet

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on big sugary drinks would fail to have any significant impact. Reforms beyond the limited scope of this proposal are necessary to combat the ever-expanding waistlines of America’s cities.
05/23/12 7:39pm

Editorial | Another stride to equality

As one of the first universities in the nation to adopt measures to reduce tax inequality based on sexual orientation, Penn once again has proven itself a leader in promoting LGBT equality.
05/11/12 4:10am

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