Staff Editorials

02/18/16 12:15am

Editorial | Caitlyn Jenner’s talk was a step towards creating conversation

Yesterday, Penn welcomed Caitlyn Jenner as the Social Planning and Events Committee Connaissance spring speaker and QPenn’s keynote speaker.
02/07/16 11:00pm

Editorial | Thrive at Penn fails to thrive

During the summer of 2015, Penn introduced a new online program for freshmen called Thrive at Penn.
01/28/16 12:05am

Editorial | How Penn dealt with winter storm Jonas

What is there to say about Winter Storm Jonas? Not very much on our campus. To go by the vista offered by High Rise Field on Saturday morning, no student could be rebuked for thinking we’d get to February before attending class again.
01/24/16 10:09pm

Editorial | Penn's response to Kenny Jones

Earlier this week, Kenny Jones — a former administrator in the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Life — was found to have misrepresented his academic credentials on multiple occasions.
12/08/15 12:33am

Editorial | Cheers and jeers for 2015

This year was an historic one, both at Penn and across the country.
12/03/15 1:04am
Amid the recent, mainly Republican, backlash against accepting Syrian refugees by many states, Governor Tom Wolf’s decision to allow refugees to settle in Pennsylvania is a refreshingly ethical decision in American politics today.
12/01/15 12:22am
Last year, the University revamped its sexual assault adjudication process in response to changes in federal guidelines for sexual assault on campus.
11/23/15 11:32pm
Systemic racism at college campuses across the country was thrown into the spotlight two weeks ago, with protests at the University of Missouri and Yale demanding action to address the institutional marginalization of people of color.
11/19/15 12:47am
This week, a four-part series in The Daily Pennsylvanian exposed the concerning state of housing facilities across campus. Besides drawing attention to the run-down and quite frankly, unsafe conditions that 54 percent of students live in, the series highlighted another equally troubling phenomenon: Facilities and Real Estate Services’ widespread lack of concern for people, including students and workers.
11/17/15 2:21am
Facilities and Real Estate Services’ continual struggle to maintain quality living standards in campus buildings comes as no surprise to most students living on-campus.
11/11/15 11:40pm
Sexual assault is a problem at Penn that has recently been on everyone’s mind, especially after nearly a third of female undergraduates reported having been sexually assaulted.
11/09/15 11:24pm
On Friday, Penn announced that it will not revoke Bill Cosby’s honorary degree, after weeks of declining to comment on the subject.
11/05/15 2:35am
On Sunday, a new round of high school hopefuls for Penn’s class of 2020 submitted their applications to the University through Early Decision.
11/03/15 1:24am
It’s no surprise when Penn increases the cost of being a student every year. In February, the University typically announces a tuition increase, then spins it as only raising the tuition by less than 4 percent.
10/29/15 12:14am
The mayoral race is pretty much over. Tuesday is Election Day and almost everyone knows that Jim Kenney, the Democratic candidate, is going to win.
10/27/15 10:46am
For over a year now, Bill Cosby has been the subject of numerous accusations of sexual misconduct.
10/25/15 6:03pm
Penn should either end the useless bag-checking at our libraries or take the responsibility seriously – because right now, there is no point.
10/21/15 11:45pm
There aren’t many surprises in Career Services’ annual compilation of Penn undergraduates’ top employers.
10/20/15 12:21am
We need to create a culture where taking a break is seen as a positive — because for many people it is. That starts with accepting this fact: A leave of absence is not a failure; it is a step toward success.
10/15/15 12:08am
Earlier this week, The Daily Pennsylvanian reported that Penn President Amy Gutmann’s salary has reached an all-time high of nearly $3.5 million.