08/25/15 11:38pm
Few expected convocation to pointedly address the mental health crisis that has rocked Penn’s campus since six students committed suicide within 15 months.
08/20/15 2:22am
Now that the essay portion of the ACT and SAT is no longer required, one prospective student described the change as "a big load of weight" being lifted off her shoulders
07/31/15 1:13pm
Penn's Admissions Office announced Friday that it will no longer consider the essay scores of applicants' writing SATs, a change that will take effect this fall.
07/02/15 4:00am

Penn alum develops app aiming to make college admissions advice more affordable

Ivy Authority, which was co-founded by 2010 College graduate Michael Tate, allows students from around the globe to ask questions regarding the college application process and receive answers from Ivy graduates
06/25/15 9:59am
Arianna Alexander was accepted to 26 colleges, including six Ivy League schools, and received over $3 million in scholarship offers.
05/21/15 11:55am
A Princeton University study found that identifying as Asian on a college application translates to the same disadvantage as scoring 50 points lower on the SAT.
05/07/15 12:35pm
Last year, the yield rate for the Class of 2018 was also 66 percent. The overall acceptance rate for the Class of 2019 was 9.9 percent, also the same number as last year.
04/28/15 11:28pm
A college consultant said that admissions officers will investigate if any concerns are raised about a particular applicant.
04/27/15 11:50pm
Many rising high school seniors apply to the intensive business program, Leadership in the Business World, with an ultimate hope of gaining admission to Wharton.
04/27/15 12:14am
Alumnae from the classes of 1975, 1985 and 1995 shared their application stories, and revealed how much things have changed.
04/20/15 10:43pm
Some students are placed on the waitlist at Penn to maintain relations with schools or families.
04/20/15 1:18am
The Daily Pennsylvanian checked in with three of Penn's newest Quakers to find out what drew them to Penn and what they hope to experience when they arrive on campus.
04/15/15 11:09pm
The Benjamin Franklin Scholars program promises to offer undergraduates a fulfilling, intellectually rigorous way to pursue their interests at Penn, but some students say the program could use improving.
04/15/15 1:33am
As hundreds of prospective Penn students flood campus for Quaker Days, current students are gearing up for the wildest weekend of the year.
04/14/15 1:05am
As hundreds of recently-admitted high school students buzz around campus, the Undergraduate Admissions Office and the members of the Kite and Key Society are working hard to present Penn in a "positive light."
04/13/15 2:55pm
The protest was sparked by the announcement that the Africa Center will close and the African Studies department will merge with the Center for Africana Studies.
04/08/15 1:49am
Although a string of Greek life scandals have proliferated in the national media, Penn continues to give fraternities and sororities a positive spin to prospective students.
04/06/15 1:47am
Students and administration think there's more to a good graduate program than numbers.
04/03/15 10:00am
Because early decision is a binding agreement, students who are accepted to schools early must commit before they receive their financial aid packages.
04/02/15 12:05am

Admission stats across the Ivy League

Out of all the Ivies, only Yale and Cornell saw an increase in their acceptance rate this year, whereas Penn had the same acceptance rate
04/01/15 12:00am
Though Penn's acceptance rate is as low as ever, a new ranking claims that's not the only data point that matters. 
03/31/15 12:24pm
Today at 5 pm EST, regular decision applicants to the Class of 2019 will be able to access their decisions via the online applicant portal.
03/30/15 2:06am
Nursing freshman Delaney Jenkins was underwhelmed after viewing her admissions files.
03/30/15 1:59am
Getting by as an undocumented immigrant is difficult — but at Penn and beyond, this population is seeing growing support.
03/27/15 2:00pm
Next Tuesday, thousands of hopeful applicants will learn whether or not they have been accepted to Penn.
03/23/15 1:06am
Applicants with connections were more likely to be accepted to UT Austin. But this phenomenon occurs subtly at colleges everywhere, with Penn being no exception.
03/19/15 12:37am
The top fifty online students will have their application fees to the Wharton MBA program waived and, if accepted into Wharton, the top five students will be granted a $20,000 scholarship.
03/18/15 11:53pm
While upperclassmen advisors relish the opportunity to help younger students, some feel that their helping hand is not always reached for. They would like to see improvements in the program that encourage additional interaction throughout the school year.
03/16/15 1:19am
Without the option of merit-based scholarships, Penn cannot lure outstanding athletes or writing prodigies with money — but recruited students do find value in community.
03/03/15 1:22am
As of February 22, the admissions office had received over 140 FERPA requests.