01/23/18 8:48pm
During her week-long residence, Albats spoke at events both in KWH and in Perry World House and discussed her experience as a Russian opposition journalist.
01/22/18 11:29pm
This announcement comes amid a series of student deaths at Penn. In the past month alone, three Penn students have died, adding to the seven student deaths last year. 
01/22/18 9:22pm
The project, which began over winter break, will replace the escalators with newer models and will renovate the bathrooms, the elevator, and the cafe upstairs. 
01/20/18 4:53pm
SRFS plans to create a single website to consolidate all job postings and is working to raise and standardize salaries and plans to increase the number of jobs desirable to students. 
01/19/18 6:48pm
Penn's Asian American Studies Program, now left without a formal director, has long lobbied for funding, support, and more teaching space for courses.
01/19/18 1:04pm
All elective equine and camelid appointments at the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, have been cancelled until further notice by the regional state veterinarian, a Penn Vet press release stated.
01/18/18 7:48pm
Despite the winter session's popularity at other institutions, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Paul Sniegowski said little support exists for the program among Penn faculty. 
01/18/18 4:08pm
Close to 240 cities submitted proposals in October last year applying to be the location of Amazon’s second headquarters. Philadelphia has now been selected as one of the top 20 finalists. 
01/17/18 11:42pm
“Our common humanity takes precedence over our religious differences,” Sacks said at the Perry World House Tuesday.
01/17/18 11:17pm
From June 16, 2015 to Jan. 11, 2018, Trump said “Wharton” 52 times and referred to himself as a “good student” (or some variant like “great” or “excellent”) 27 times. 
01/17/18 12:51am
A professor from the University of Illinois called on people nationwide to share their stories of sexual harassment within academia and higher education. Now, students at Penn are doing exactly that. 
01/17/18 12:33am
According to Director for the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives Noelle Melartin, Penn's campus follows federal laws on marijuana in order to maintain federal funding. 
01/16/18 8:09pm
The Penn Wharton Budget Model's study has been cited numerous times in media organizations and has even been the subject of many news stories published in news publications.
01/16/18 7:32pm
Lumpkin was the second Penn student to die in 2018. His death comes two weeks after the disappearance of College sophomore Blaze Bernstein, who was later found to have died on Jan. 2. 
01/16/18 3:47pm
The Center for Outreach, Research, and Education — the newest of Penn's neurological, behavioral, and intelligence-based research initiatives — is launching this January.
01/15/18 9:08pm
“It really should not matter what your family means are or what you were born into, but that a good education should always be accessible,” an administrator from the School of Social Policy & Practice said. 
01/15/18 5:31pm
There is a minimum number of school days which all universities must meet, and that often influences the decision of whether or not to suspend operations.
01/14/18 11:57pm
Carton Rogers will retire in June. He has worked in Penn Libraries since 1975, becoming the vice provost and director of libraries in 2004. In his role, he oversaw 18 separate University libraries. 
01/10/18 9:43pm
This is a marker of a greater shift toward incorporating small hospitals into larger health systems in order to provide more specialized and efficient care, experts say.
01/09/18 9:21pm
Along with his parents and his two brothers, Steinberg was one of 10 American tourists who died in a plane crash while sightseeing in Costa Rica on Dec. 31.