10/19/17 12:03am
The heavy expense went to an expanded security and police presence to accommodate the protesters expected for controversial commentator Milo Yiannopolous' visit. 
10/18/17 10:47pm
The Perception of University Life and Student Experience Survey (PULSE) presented questions about academic, pre-professional and extracurricular opportunities offered at Penn. 
10/18/17 8:36pm
Teams will be required to attend "no fewer than five mandatory trainings and programs," the Harvard Crimson reported. 
10/18/17 6:03pm
Established in 1970 to advise the country on issues relating to medicine and health, the National Academy of Medicine is considered one of the most elite bodies in the field of medicine.
10/18/17 3:52pm
Mohler, who taught at Penn for over 20 years, died after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS.
10/15/17 9:00pm
“If it happened on-campus, off-campus, abroad, none of that is relevant to me,” said Penn’s sexual violence investigative officer Deborah Harley.
10/15/17 8:38pm
“It’s a very bold flavor,” Vice Provost for Global Initiatives Ezekiel Emanuel said. “As we like to say, it’s not for people who like heavy sugar, milk chocolate. This a real dark chocolate.”
10/15/17 7:46pm
College junior Kara Dang, who had over $1,000 of clothes stolen from her dorm, said the Harnwell College House's notification emails on the thefts haven't fully conveyed its severity. 
10/15/17 6:46pm
This announcement comes after several recent changes in the University administration.
10/11/17 10:31pm
Initiatives include installing a motion sensor operated air conditioning system and changing paper towels with microfiber cloth for routine cleaning. 
10/11/17 6:54pm
Just Salad, a New York-based eatery that sells salads, wraps, smoothies and more, plans to open campus location at 3728 Spruce Street, replacing Saladworks.
10/11/17 5:49pm
“The expectation is that undergrads generally do not stay around in the summertime,” Faculty Director of College Houses and Academic Services Dennis DeTurck said. 
10/09/17 10:27pm
The class, "Topics in Sexuality and Gender Law," is taught by Suzanne Goldberg, who is responsible for addressing sexual assault on campus.
10/09/17 1:14pm
"It’s been known for some time that gun violence, like many other forms of crime and other social problems, can be clustered within certain neighborhoods."
10/08/17 9:28pm
While it's common for a university of Penn's size to employ a private police force, Penn has more than triple the number of sworn officers than its closest neighboring institution in Philadelphia. 
10/08/17 7:35pm
Gutmann said the Task Force’s “overarching” goal had been to keep students safe from all types of harm, from sexual assault to “falling behind in their studies.” 
10/03/17 1:19pm
“Whenever perfection is driving you, shame is riding shotgun,” said Brene Brown, a professor at  the University of Houston who has spent the past 16 years studying vulnerability. 
10/02/17 10:19pm
The fellowships are part of Penn's growing efforts to engage its Philadelphia neighbors and are funded by a $2 million endowment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
10/01/17 8:19pm
Of the 24 Event Observers, about one-third are Penn graduate and professional students; another third are staff members, and the final third are individuals affiliated with Penn.
10/01/17 8:10pm
A student said Penn Police have disrupted various events at off-campus locations, including  an "ice-cream social" where there was no alcohol.