02/02/18 9:13pm
The head of the police union was told by Rush that if Penn police officers were not happy with their current conditions that they could take their employment elsewhere. 
02/02/18 2:10pm
While many student leaders applauded the administration for cutting ties with Wynn and Cosby, some want Penn to focus more on campus policies around sexual assault.
02/01/18 11:35pm
The memorial, which will be held at Penn on Feb. 18, will be hosted by the Kelly Writer's House which friends describe as 'by far Blaze's favorite place on campus.'
02/01/18 8:00am
The Penn Professional Staff Assembly sponsored a talk with Penn Provost Pritchett on Jan. 30 to discuss topics related to the University and to ask questions that concern staff members.
01/31/18 11:40pm
ISSS will be located in a temporary office on the third floor of 3440 Market St, while its original  location at 3701 Chestnut St. undergoes anticipated months long renovations.
01/31/18 8:00am
The website aims to streamline all of the University’s mental health resources, events, and news, and is one of the wellness initiatives announced after last October's Campus Conversation.
01/31/18 1:39am
The Penn Professional Staff Assembly sponsored a talk with the Provost as one of its two large open meetings of the academic year for staff members to discuss various University initiatives. 
01/30/18 2:17pm
Days after the former Penn Trustee Steve Wynn was accused of sexual misconduct, the signage for the area named after him, 'Wynn Commons,' has been defaced with paint. 
01/30/18 10:00am
Last semester’s highly-publicized protests, rallies, and outreach efforts ultimately ended with no policy changes from Penn. 
01/30/18 8:00am
Two months after the announcement, a team of management experts from Penn Medicine has finished collecting data on the general operations of CAPS for the report.
01/25/18 4:43pm
The LGBTQ Faculty Diversity Working Group was created in 2011 by the LGBT Center in response to a perceived lack of inclusivity for LGBTQ faculty in the University's diversity initiatives.
01/24/18 10:46pm
This panel of city officials is tasked with nominating 27 candidates to serve in nine positions on the new board, which ultimately will influence the education of around 200,000 students.
01/24/18 8:58pm
A petition was circulated in September about Penn's practices regarding victims of sexual harassment in Penn's graduate schools. Student leaders claim that unionization will help address these issues.
01/24/18 5:50pm
Students found that of the 28 founding University trustees they investigated (there were 126 in total), 20 held slaves between 1769 and 1800 and had financial ties to the slave trade. 
01/23/18 8:48pm
During her week-long residence, Albats spoke at events both in KWH and in Perry World House and discussed her experience as a Russian opposition journalist.
01/22/18 11:29pm
This announcement comes amid a series of student deaths at Penn. In the past month alone, three Penn students have died, adding to the seven student deaths last year. 
01/22/18 9:22pm
The project, which began over winter break, will replace the escalators with newer models and will renovate the bathrooms, the elevator, and the cafe upstairs. 
01/20/18 4:53pm
SRFS plans to create a single website to consolidate all job postings and is working to raise and standardize salaries and plans to increase the number of jobs desirable to students. 
01/19/18 6:48pm
Penn's Asian American Studies Program, now left without a formal director, has long lobbied for funding, support, and more teaching space for courses.
01/19/18 1:04pm
All elective equine and camelid appointments at the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, have been cancelled until further notice by the regional state veterinarian, a Penn Vet press release stated.