03/21/17 11:23am
The award was presented by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to recognize Biden’s advocacy for survivors of sexual assault, survivors of domestic violence and veterans, according to an NBC report.
03/14/17 8:23pm
The Penn Cardiovascular Institute has gained Daniel Kelly, a notable scholar on cardiac metabolism, as its new director, effective August 2017.elly, a notable scholar on cardiac metabolism, as its new director, effective August 2017.
03/13/17 9:04pm
The College Dean’s Advisory Board intends to train at least one member of every registered student group on campus in I CARE — CAPS’s mental health skill-building training that focuses on recognizing problems, supporting peers and learning the proper steps to take when a mental health issue arises.
03/13/17 8:19pm
Penn has suspended operations on Tuesday due to the snowstorm expected to hit the region this evening, according to an alert sent to students just before 10:30 p.m. on Monday. 
03/12/17 10:46pm
College freshman Keira Bokreta lives in New College House, but calls Kings Court English College House her home. Bokreta, who applied to Penn regular decision last spring, decided to attend the university where she was raised.
03/03/17 9:20pm
The GET-UP unionization movement was made public in a statement issued Thursday night. GET-UP needs 30 percent support from the graduate student body in order to bring in the NLRB to oversee an election on whether or not to unionize.
03/02/17 5:40pm
Throughout the interview, Amy Gutmann spoke about the treatment of undocumented students and maintained University efforts to increase economic diversity, but refrained from entering any politically divisive territory.
03/02/17 5:40pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann spoke with three Daily Pennsylvanian editors on Thursday in a sit-down interview in her College Hall office.
03/01/17 2:56pm
Vice Provost for University Life Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum announced the student's death in an email to all undergraduates on Wednesday afternoon.
02/28/17 10:25pm
After briefly poking fun at Biden’s appearances on the TV show Parks and Recreation and his ubiquity in the satirical news outlet The Onion, Gutmann opened by honoring Biden’s accomplishments.
02/24/17 3:37pm
Magnum’s leave was determined last fall by a 10 to 1 approval for a separation agreement by the FAMU Board of Trustees. 
02/22/17 10:14pm
During the University Council Open Forum today, students addressed many issues ranging from mental health to climate change.
02/22/17 9:28pm
Mitchell’s reporting for NBC News — where she currently serves as veteran chief foreign affairs correspondent — has spanned five presidents and included coverage of Cuba, foreign policy and Congress, according to her biography on MSNBC.
02/22/17 9:10pm
Wharton freshman and media chair of Fossil Free Penn Megan Kyne said she felt the off-the-record meetings between the club and the administration were not productive and did not allow for open communication between the two groups.
02/21/17 11:12pm
Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush said Miller “got a little choked up” as he was called to the podium on his first day back.
02/21/17 10:12pm
Effective immediately, Emanuel will begin offering healthcare and policy analysis for Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.
02/21/17 9:00am
The Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) recently named Mark Turco as the inaugural Chief Innovation and Corporate Outreach Officer.
02/20/17 10:22pm
“Student input directly to trustees is unusual and not the norm,” said the University Secretary, who called the meeting "one of a kind."
02/20/17 1:27pm
Three U.S. presidents, two first ladies and Denzel Washington have addressed Penn graduates over the last century. 
02/17/17 2:34pm
“How do you not pay women equitably?” one of the trustees asked in the meeting.