10/23/17 5:42pm
Following a two-day election last week, the University of Chicago became one of 12 academic institutions to host a Graduate Student Union.
10/23/17 12:28am
This year, Penn reported a 14.3 percent investment return on its endowment, bringing the endowment’s total value to a record-high of $12.2 billion.
10/22/17 11:42pm
Penn's president and provost shied away from details in a 30-minute interview with editors from The Daily Pennsylvanian. 
10/20/17 11:10pm
Penn President Amy Gutmann has previously called the end of DACA, which protects a number of Penn students, “heartbreaking." 
10/20/17 10:07pm
At Santa Monica, a “threat-assessment team” congregates twice a week to discuss students who have been reported as possible threats to themselves or others. Similar teams exist at Virginia Tech and George Washington University. 
10/20/17 9:27pm
“We gather to honor a man renowned for his deep respect for constitutional knowledge and tradition and his abiding bipartisanship, two things in such short supply these days."
10/20/17 9:25pm
This two-year, $498,000 grant came from over $40 million dollars that the Carnegie Corporation gave to different organizations last month.
10/20/17 7:48pm
Starting this fall, all staff will need to log in to Penn InTouch using a two step verification process.
10/19/17 12:03am
The heavy expense went to an expanded security and police presence to accommodate the protesters expected for controversial commentator Milo Yiannopolous' visit. 
10/18/17 10:47pm
The Perception of University Life and Student Experience Survey (PULSE) presented questions about academic, pre-professional and extracurricular opportunities offered at Penn. 
10/18/17 8:36pm
Teams will be required to attend "no fewer than five mandatory trainings and programs," the Harvard Crimson reported. 
10/18/17 6:03pm
Established in 1970 to advise the country on issues relating to medicine and health, the National Academy of Medicine is considered one of the most elite bodies in the field of medicine.
10/18/17 3:52pm
Mohler, who taught at Penn for over 20 years, died after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS.
10/15/17 9:00pm
“If it happened on-campus, off-campus, abroad, none of that is relevant to me,” said Penn’s sexual violence investigative officer Deborah Harley.
10/15/17 8:38pm
“It’s a very bold flavor,” Vice Provost for Global Initiatives Ezekiel Emanuel said. “As we like to say, it’s not for people who like heavy sugar, milk chocolate. This a real dark chocolate.”
10/15/17 7:46pm
College junior Kara Dang, who had over $1,000 of clothes stolen from her dorm, said the Harnwell College House's notification emails on the thefts haven't fully conveyed its severity. 
10/15/17 6:46pm
This announcement comes after several recent changes in the University administration.
10/11/17 10:31pm
Initiatives include installing a motion sensor operated air conditioning system and changing paper towels with microfiber cloth for routine cleaning. 
10/11/17 6:54pm
Just Salad, a New York-based eatery that sells salads, wraps, smoothies and more, plans to open campus location at 3728 Spruce Street, replacing Saladworks.
10/11/17 5:49pm
“The expectation is that undergrads generally do not stay around in the summertime,” Faculty Director of College Houses and Academic Services Dennis DeTurck said.