02/25/17 4:33pm
Because of test-stealing and other forms of cheating, College Board will have an international security increase for the SAT.
02/24/17 3:37pm
Magnum’s leave was determined last fall by a 10 to 1 approval for a separation agreement by the FAMU Board of Trustees. 
02/22/17 9:51pm
“In light of the immigration ban, I think this program holds even more significance,” ELP Student Center Coordinator and College senior Joanna Xue said. 
02/21/17 10:50pm
The email, which carried a subject line “Textbook Change,” said the decision was made because the store has “seen a steady decline in ... coursebook sales and profitability over the past several years.”
02/19/17 11:13pm
Glanz was one of four new members on the 17-person Advisory Council, which met for the first time this term at the National Institutes of Health’s campus in Bethesda, Md. earlier this month. 
02/19/17 9:19pm
Doctoral candidate Colman Humphrey said Twitter would become less of a forum for intellectual conversation and more of a "tabloid" medium as time progressed after a debate. 
02/17/17 2:34pm
“How do you not pay women equitably?” one of the trustees asked in the meeting. 
02/17/17 1:51pm
Emile Bruneau, a research associate at the Annenberg School for Communication, said his results suggest Trump's executive order on immigration, which the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently halted, may "promote" violence rather than decrease it.
02/16/17 11:38pm
Former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright and former National Security Advisor Stephen J. Hadley will be hosting a discussion on “A New Approach to the Middle East” at Penn.
02/16/17 11:00pm
Engineering senior Sacha Best has the unusual privilege of teaching as an undergrad.
02/16/17 4:17pm

Former Phila. Mayor Michael Nutter is joining the School of Social Policy and Practice

Nutter was appointed the Senior School of Social Policy and Practice Executive Fellow at the Penn Institute for Urban Research. In this position, he will focus on poverty in Philadelphia and other cities. 
02/15/17 10:24pm
For students interested in learning home-brew chemistry, bartending, ballroom dancing, and other non-ordinary skills, the Penn Preceptorial Committee has them covered.
02/13/17 10:48pm
The panelists also discussed the differences between the political climates in Nazi Germany and the United States today. Weissberg spoke about how thousands of Americans have protested Trump's immigration ban in ways the citizens of Germany did not protest Nazi policies.
02/08/17 9:36pm
When College junior and sociology major Tiffany Yau realized that she does not know many other people in her major, she decided to fix the problem herself. 
02/08/17 3:23pm
The Sarcoidosis app provides information about the disease, links patients to support groups, and features a map of nearby doctors who have indicated experience with the disease.
02/07/17 10:56pm
The study, published on Jan. 11, failed to find meaningful improvements in calorie, saturated fat or sodium content of foods offered on menus of restaurants not participating in the voluntary program.
02/07/17 10:39pm
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was thrust into the political spotlight when she assumed the mayorship of Baltimore at only 39 years old, following the conviction of Mayor Sheila Dixon for embezzlement in 2009.
02/07/17 7:59pm
Tuesday morning, Penn President Amy Gutmann announced that former Vice President Joe Biden will be a professor at Penn. Here are students' reactions on social media. 
02/07/17 11:57am
“Know your history, know yourself! We are not your model minority,” students declared at a protest held in front of College Green on Monday afternoon.
02/05/17 10:03pm
Jon Ehrens, a local WHYY radio host and producer of “Radio Times,” moderated the event and fielded questions from the audience.