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02/14/18 6:33pm
While being honored with the Lincoln Award, Sessions said "upholding the rule of the law, day in and day out” would be the best way to remain true to the former president's legacy. 
02/08/18 8:00am
Penn raised $626 million in 2017, falling behind Harvard University and Cornell University.
01/31/18 11:27pm
Philadelphia was named a finalist in Amazon's recent list of top 20 cities to build its new headquarters. 
01/27/18 6:23pm
At Penn, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life leaves matters of membership to the individual chapters in coordination with their national organizations.
01/18/18 5:16pm
The Reinvestment Fund released a study that analyzes the recent 2016 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data and looks into the local mortgage lending environment in Philadelphia. 
01/15/18 5:58pm
 “Professor Hazard was a true giant in American law,” Penn Law Dean Ted Ruger said in a statement published by Penn Law.  
01/10/18 9:43pm
This is a marker of a greater shift toward incorporating small hospitals into larger health systems in order to provide more specialized and efficient care, experts say.
12/07/17 8:02pm
The product will be available for purchase in mid-2018 and will cost between $9 and $22, a similar price to conventional pregnancy tests. 
12/04/17 7:46pm
There have been five student deaths at Temple University this semester.
11/30/17 9:54pm
Herman was well-known for co-authoring “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Media” with 1949 College graduate and philosopher Noam Chomsky in 1988. 
11/07/17 12:28am
Rizzo served as police commissioner during the 1960s and as mayor from 1972 to 1980. He had notoriously tense relationships with the Philadelphia's black and LGBTQ communities during his tenure as a top city official. 
11/06/17 11:57pm
“There have been documented instances of bureaucratic and judicial corruption, dangerous and unhealthy living conditions, and human rights violations in many of these facilities." 
10/24/17 12:50pm
These discoveries debunk the commonly held theory that skin pigmentation is a consequence of exposure to sunlight, proving instead that darker skin is the direct result of a specific genetic variant. 
10/18/17 8:36pm
Teams will be required to attend "no fewer than five mandatory trainings and programs," the Harvard Crimson reported. 
10/11/17 5:25pm
"Walmart is not the sexiest brand to work for," College senior Aaron Lai told Bloomberg, but as a computational biology major, he found the analytics side of the retail industry interesting.
10/09/17 1:14pm
"It’s been known for some time that gun violence, like many other forms of crime and other social problems, can be clustered within certain neighborhoods."
10/02/17 10:19pm
The fellowships are part of Penn's growing efforts to engage its Philadelphia neighbors and are funded by a $2 million endowment from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
09/25/17 5:44pm
Paul Miller's legacy as Trustees Chair and the driving force behind a $1 billion capital campaign for Penn was memorialized recently in a Penn Almanac feature.
09/20/17 4:17pm
United by Blue's expansion marks the latest in a string of changes to the dining scene around Penn. 
09/13/17 7:05pm
GSE Professor Annie McKee writes that workplace happiness is a "human right." 
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