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02/19/18 7:43pm
Taking application fee waivers into consideration, Penn made approximately $1,817,730 from application fees during this past 2017 admissions cycle.
01/24/18 9:12pm
Two months ago, an outside consultant hired by SRFS completed an “extensive documentation” of its financial aid policies and practices to examine their consistency.
01/20/18 4:53pm
SRFS plans to create a single website to consolidate all job postings and is working to raise and standardize salaries and plans to increase the number of jobs desirable to students. 
01/17/18 9:20pm
Melanie Williams-Bethea, who was the director of financial aid at the Teachers College until last May, was charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, bribery and student aid fraud. 
01/11/18 11:51pm
The Atari video game integrates the modern developments in gene-editing with old school gaming.
12/12/17 8:34pm
Half a percent of College students pursue three majors, which makes up a small fraction of the 25 percent of College students who graduate with more than one major.
11/29/17 6:34pm
Harvard's Drew Gilpin Faust is not the only university leader to publicize her institution's opposition to the bill. Penn President Amy Gutmann called the bill "regressive" in an emailed statement sent to all University students and staff in early November.
11/16/17 10:11pm
“There are those who say that it is either peace or security,” Tzipi Livni said. “We can have both. It is peace and security.”
11/14/17 9:40pm
The university instituted an alcohol ban, ended the recruitment of any new Greek life members, and prohibited all Greek social events, including tailgate parties and chapter meetings.
10/26/17 12:48am
The company has promised more than $5 billion in investments and 50,000 jobs for the city that wins the bid for its second headquarters. 
10/25/17 9:14pm
Engineering and Wharton freshman Yan Li has been stopped twice for riding his skateboard and said he hopes policies will be clarified for skateboard and scooter riders. 
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