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Guest column by Alyssa Dickinson, Joyce Kim, Conor Nickel and Yamini Nabar | Hungry for impact

Penn is full of noteworthy initiatives. But we would like to highlight one in particular: Penn Dining and Bon Appetit’s efforts to work with students to implement a food recovery program.

Starting this fall, our dining services providers, Penn Dining and Bon Appetit, will establish a program that transfers food unable to be consumed at dining halls to a local hunger relief agency.

New housing selection system will abolish community living

Under the new system, students will form groups of one to four students and submit their applications together under the name of a group captain. They will select their rooms through a new online housing portal — My Home at Penn — set to launch on Dec. 5.

Rotunda wraps up diverse summer series

Since then the Rotunda’s goal has been to connect Penn students with the greater West Philadelphia community, Rotunda Director Gina Renzi said, adding that they were “trying to mix it up and get a bunch of different people in the room.”

Penn invests in wind energy

Since April 2008, Penn has been the largest purchaser of renewable energy credits among higher education institutions in the United States, according to an Environmental Protection Agency report published in July.

Kings Court English gets $10M makeover

New bathrooms, hallways, furniture and floors were installed in the college house this summer. The roof, stairs and lighting were updated and student rooms were repainted and outfitted with new window coverings.

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