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Senator Sanders proposes making four-year colleges tuition free

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has a proposal that would make a lot of newly minted voters quite happy.

Sanders, a 73-year-old Vermont senator, introduced a bill known as the "College for All Act" that would make all four-year public college and universities tuition free.

Samantha Power's graduation speech

On Monday, Samantha Power gave the graduation address to Penn students. And now you can read the entire thing.

Power posted a link to the speech on her Twitter account and you can check out the entire thing here. She also posted the following tweets about her speech. 

College football average attendance drops

Average attendance in major college football has hit its lowest level in over a decade.

With schools around the country dealing with issues like student apathy or top notch TV coverage of nearly all games, attendance fell by over 1,000 fans per contest to 44,603, a 2.3 percent decrease according to an ESPN report.

The Ivy League, which is not included in this average due to its Football Championship Series status (formerly known as I-AA), also saw a decrease in average attendance at games, going from 9393 to 9040 fans per game.

Jerome Allen's last stand

It’s just a few minutes until tip-off as Jerome Allen strolls out of the locker room and onto the Palestra floor for Penn basketball’s penultimate game of the season.

Alumni asked to pay senior's debt at Howard U.

With graduation coming, it's time for students to pay their final bills at Howard University. But with some unable to make pay, alumni may come to the rescue.

Howard President Wayne Frederick sent an email to alumni, asking them to help pay off 180 seniors' debts so they can graduate. 

The 180 students' debt totaled around $380,000 and the University has received over $160,000 in the weeks following Frederick's email. 

As to how students still owed money, Howard had a policy that allowed students to pay 25 percent of their tuition before the semester and make regular monthly payments during the semester.

Dartmouth "Animal House" frat derecognized

Dartmouth fraternity Alpha Delta has been officially derecognized by the University. Alpha Delta was the inspiration for the Delta Tau Chi fraternity in the 1978 classic comedy film "Animal House."

The fraternity was already under suspension when it allegedly branded new members in the fall, prompting Dartmouth to take action.

Is Yik Yak being used to cheat?

There always seem to be new ways to cheat.

At multiple universities, students have appeared to share answers on quizzes, tests and exams by posting on Yik Yak.

Penn Law No. 1 for placing students in long-term jobs

Looking to become a lawyer, you know, going to law school? Penn is the No. 1 place for that, according to the American Bar Association.

The ABA reported that Penn Law is the top school for placing graduates in long-term jobs that require passing the bar.

Brown softball coach accused of bullying

Brown softball coach Katie Flynn has been accused of bullying players, leading to poor player retention, according to the Brown Daily Herald.

The Daily Herald spoke with multiple players who said that Flynn had made remarks about players' weights and appearances, including a particularly disparaging quote about one player whose parents were hosting the team on the west coast.

“She lives a block away from an ice cream shop?

Drexel sends acceptance letters to rejected students

It wasn't a great week for Penn's next-door neighbor.

Drexel sent out 495 congratulations emails to students it had rejected, when the University meant to send the emails only as a follow-up to accepted students.

The nearly 500 students had been either rejected or had sent incomplete applications, according to the Associated Press.

Florida frat accused of spitting on veterans

This new incident won't be helping fraternities in the public eye.

The University of Florida chapter of Zeta Beta Tau is currently being investigated for spitting on veterans and urinating on American flags.

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