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Tydings | How to move Ivy League football towards relevancy

Most long-standing sports institutions are resistant to change. Whether it is Major League Baseball refusing to address time of game issues or the NCAA resisting even the most painfully logical changes to its outdated system, change is continually feared by the sports establishment.

Tydings | Addressing student apathy at Penn

As we march towards a future with dwindling attendance and a steadily aging donor base, Penn Athletics needs to figure out how it can once again be part of the culture, part of the true Penn experience.

And with a new AD in place and renewed energy around the department, the time is now.

Tydings | The future can’t come soon enough

Since the end of the dreadful 2013-14 season for Penn men’s basketball, we’ve seen three players and two assistants leave the program. But we’ve also seen coach Jerome Allen go to work.

While things seemed to be crumbling around him, Allen kept on moving, introducing his former Penn teammate Nat Graham as his assistant while adding four recruits.

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