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11/20/17 11:15am
In a school-wide email, Gutmann wrote that CAPS will hire five full-time members and introduce a new system for students to review administrative process within the department. 
11/02/17 6:46pm
Called New College House West, the residential building will cost the University a record-breaking $163 million.
10/29/17 10:09pm
Approximately 15 percent of all students who visit CAPS are referred to an outside provider, but many feel like they don't have a choice when it comes to pushing back against this process. 
09/18/17 1:29am
CAPS has significantly expanded and diversified its resources in the past few years.
08/31/17 8:25pm
The email included a list of campus resources for support at Penn and provided links to local organizations on the ground in Houston for those wishing to contribute. 
08/18/17 10:30pm
Dante Benitez and Ivan Loginov, who entered Penn as members of the Class of 2020, are both accused of assaulting Wharton sophomore Max Arias, causing him to sustain a concussion, bloody bruises and a fractured nose and wrist.
07/20/17 1:37pm
For the Huntsmans and Trumps, the president's decision this week is the latest linkage between the two, illustrious Penn families, who over their decades of interaction with the University have shown noted points of contrast. 
07/13/17 11:46pm
The student called 911, prompting DPS to send a UPennAlert to the university community at 8 p.m. and a subsequent all-clear message at 8:23 p.m. 
07/11/17 5:17pm
A New York Times piece from 2011 called Herbert Hovenkamp “the dean of American antitrust law.”
06/01/17 5:42pm
In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Penn’s Director of International Risk Management Jaime Molyneux sent out an email on May 24 to those registered to be traveling in the U.K. this summer.
05/25/17 2:13pm
On Thursday morning, the site's homepage was plastered with articles that seemed to target Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
04/13/17 7:21pm
Biden was chosen to speak by a committee of senior class marshals that has selected the Class Day speaker since 1968.
04/03/17 10:33pm
Over the week, Fossil Free Penn said over 200 total students gathered in College Hall to demonstrate support for their cause. 
04/03/17 10:06pm
A $2,000 fund allocated by Penn Wellness will facilitate the expansion of this year's series and broaden its focus to different and more diverse areas of Penn, organizers said in a recent interview.
03/30/17 10:55pm
“We realized that the administration is not going to talk to us and that, while we were physically here, there would be absolutely zero progress made,” College sophomore Zach Rissman said.
03/30/17 12:30pm
13 students from Fossil Free Penn were "written up" Wednesday evening by the administration after refusing to leave College Hall when the building was scheduled to close, according to College sophomore Zach Rissman, the sit-in co-coordinator, and College senior Gavi Reiter.  
03/26/17 10:58pm
The City of Philadelphia is responsible for testing the sources of drinking water, which Philadelphia Water Department spokesperson Laura Copeland said is “clean and safe to drink,” but problems with the drinking water could arise from the old pipes and brass faucets.
03/20/17 11:01pm
Penn Medicine’s new partnership with the Princeton HealthCare System is a step in a national shift toward incorporating small hospitals into larger health systems that aim to make care more accessible to people in all geographic areas.
03/13/17 9:04pm
The College Dean’s Advisory Board intends to train at least one member of every registered student group on campus in I CARE — CAPS’s mental health skill-building training that focuses on recognizing problems, supporting peers and learning the proper steps to take when a mental health issue arises.
02/28/17 6:27pm
The A Book a Day project is one part of Penn Libraries’ greater Community Outreach Program, which have expanded recently. Over the past two years, the program established a Community Outreach Librarian, made collaborations with local nonprofits and increased the number of students it serves from 500 to nearly 6,000.
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