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02/22/18 12:05am
A day before the Open Forum, Pritchett said he hadn't heard significant criticism of Penn's policies on reporting sexual assault but that the U. was 'going to continue to ask that question.'
02/21/18 1:01am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spent some time with the Bernsteins during their stay and documented items in the apartment Bernstein left before returning home to California for the last time.
02/18/18 6:55pm
Laughter and tears filled the Kelly Writer's House this afternoon as friends and family of College sophomore Blaze Bernstein shared personal stories of the 19-year-old Penn student. 
02/16/18 2:39pm
For the first time since College sophomore Blaze Bernstein's death, his family have come to campus to mourn with the staff, students and faculty who knew — and loved — their son.  
02/12/18 11:40pm
Traffic lights went dark at 34th and Market streets, 38th and Walnut streets, 39th and Walnut streets, 40th and Walnut streets, 34th and Chestnut streets, and 38th and Chestnut streets. 
02/10/18 8:56pm
While the city has yet to release official data on the crowd size, estimates suggest at least 3 million people braved the wind chills to catch a glimpse of the winning team. 
02/08/18 9:39am
The parade extended from Lincoln Financial Field stadium to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and approximately three million people were expected to be in attendance, though no official data was since released.
02/06/18 5:48pm
Penn notified students via email and text on Feb. 6 that it would cancel class and suspend University operations.
02/06/18 2:15pm
These announcements come amid ongoing student petitions for Penn to change its decision to continue 'normal operations' during the celebratory parade for the Philadelphia Eagles. 
02/05/18 12:37am
Eagles fans were seen climbing traffic poles and moving vehicles in various states of undress. By midnight, cars had been turned over and multiple traffic poles had been taken down. 
02/02/18 2:10pm
While many student leaders applauded the administration for cutting ties with Wynn and Cosby, some want Penn to focus more on campus policies around sexual assault.
02/01/18 11:35pm
The memorial, which will be held at Penn on Feb. 18, will be hosted by the Kelly Writer's House which friends describe as 'by far Blaze's favorite place on campus.'
02/01/18 1:23pm
“The nature, severity, and extent of these allegations, and the patterns of abusive behavior they describe, involve acts and conduct that are inimical to the core values of our University,” Penn leaders wrote in an email.
01/26/18 2:07pm
Wynn served on the Board of Trustees until 2004 and donated $7.5 million for the construction of the Perelman Quad, which includes Wynn Commons.
01/17/18 2:00pm
By the afternoon of Jan. 17, it was reported that prosecutors had persuaded a judge to remove the option of allowing Sam Woodward, 20, to get out on bail. 
01/15/18 7:57pm
"We would like to honor our amazingly talented, passionate, intelligent, kind and devoted Whisk copy editor, Blaze N. Bernstein," the food magazine Penn Appetit wrote on Facebook. 
01/12/18 6:43pm
The Orange County Register reported on Jan. 15 that College sophomore Bernstein was stabbed over 20 times in what authorities suggest was "an act of rage." 
01/10/18 2:14pm
A week after he was reported missing, College sophomore Blaze Bernstein has been found dead in a park in Orange County, Calif. 
01/09/18 6:49pm
Contrary to certain news reports that the search for College sophomore Blaze Bernstein had ended, efforts to locate the Penn student are still underway, authorities said. 
01/07/18 7:45pm
The Orange County Sheriff’s Department and College sophomore Blaze Bernstein's family have used helicopters, trained dogs, and drones to try and find the missing student. 
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