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Sara Schonfeld | Embracing awkward

Embracing awkward is my way to being unapologetic about the person I am. I don’t allow other people to make me feel bad about myself on principle, so why would I give myself that power?

Sara Schonfeld | Post-fling reflections

This Fling, I bought fried Oreos and wore ridiculous amounts of neon. I wore sunglasses at night and forgot my sweater at home and stopped for fried chicken. I even got yelled at by the cops.

Sara Schonfeld | Failing the Bechdel Test

For every female character, there are generally two male characters. Is it too much to ask that movies try a little bit harder to reflect reality? There are so many different types of diversity that Hollywood fails at.

Sara Schonfeld | Be mine?

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be about validation. As nice as it was to have a guy confirming that my butt is not strangely misshapen, whether or not someone says it, it’s still true. There’s no reason to spend a holiday trying to parade around relationship labels.

Sara Schonfeld | Misanthropy 101

For some reason, though, it feels taboo to strike up a friendly conversation before a lecture starts. At best, the conversation fizzles out after questions about other classes and dorms, and you end up nodding to yourself, muttering, “Cool, that’s cool. Very nice. Cool.”

Sara Schonfeld | Don't ask, don't tell

I’m fairly certain if I met my celebrity idol Robert Downey Jr., he would shake my hand, sign the lunchbox I have with his face on it and then ask me, “So, Sara, what are your post-graduation plans?”

Emerging startup ChargeItSpot looks back on Penn roots

A Wharton MBA student created ChargeItSpot, a free mobile phone charging station that provides charging cables inside a locker. The service is now live at more than 30 locations in Philadelphia — more than 10 of them are on Penn’s campus — and is expanding along the East Coast.

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