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Samantha Sharf | Stories a nutgraf can't tell

At 15 years old, I already harbored fantasies of bylines containing my name. If that were the whole story it would, of course, be a very boring one. My path up till now must look nauseatingly straightforward from the outside. But like most students, my years at Penn have been anything but simple and very different from what I expected.

Samantha Sharf | A tourist for one hour

Like most students, I cannot devote too much time or money to this endeavor. My solution? The Museum Without Walls, an audio tour accessible to anyone with a cellphone (a map printed from the Without Walls website is helpful, but not necessary).

Samantha Sharf | How to not believe in God

I decided to leave my scarf on as I walked into a meeting of “Rekindle Reason: Atheists, Agnostics and Freethinkers at UPenn” this Sunday. This was so those around me could not see the tiny gold hamsa, or hand of God, I wear around my neck.

Samantha Sharf | A font for Philadelphia

In our text-heavy world, fonts are everywhere — from the page you are reading to the sign on the building you are reading it in to the cellphone that you will likely fish out of your pocket at least once during these 668 words.

Samantha Sharf | 'LOVE' beyond the statue

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, campus is littered with references to the L-word. Just as confused about the expression as I was a decade ago, I decided to take a closer look at the way the word love figures into typical Penn life.

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