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04/02/17 10:14pm
“The goal of this year’s theme was to follow the retail process all the way from ideating the product to actually moving it onto the shelf,” Penn Fashion Week COO Daniel Jacobs said.
03/30/17 11:01pm
“This project is steeped in generosity," Kahn said. "Without the generosity of Gwendolyn Brooks, none of us would be here today.”
03/23/17 8:44am
The recently elected Pennsylvania attorney general spoke as the keynote for Saint Anthony Hall's Speaker Series, a decades-old program the fraternity organizes to engage members of Greek life and other students in political discussions.
03/15/17 9:43pm
After the snowstorm hit Philadelphia on Monday night, the local chapter of the Sierra Club seized the opportunity to organize Spontaneous Snowshoeing at the Woodlands Cemetery, located just a few blocks from Penn's campus.
02/22/17 9:23pm
College sophomore Anna Dailey founded Baby Bay Box as an online platform for parents to swap children’s clothing. The service's target market includes both families seeking to save money on children's clothing and environmentally conscious families who want to reuse clothing.
02/14/17 4:58pm
She added that health care is a human rights issue, and that Republican efforts to overturn Obamacare call into question the United States' dedication to domestic human rights. 
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